Random 5: 2011/05/26

For some reason, the most fun photos I can get without much fuss is with a camera phone shot with a retro–styled app.

Yuri’s stuffed toy double.
Stuffed Yuri with the Eiffel Tower. (Samsung Galaxy Spica, March 2011)

Markku + chicken.
A self–portrait of sorts, with some fried chicken. Uma–art. (Samsung Galaxy Spica, March 2011)
Ice cream!
Hot summer days. (Samsung Galaxy Spica, April 2011)
Markku + Hana
Uma–art portrait of me and Hana at Chicken Charlie San Juan. (Samsung Galaxy Spica, May 2011)
Grand prize winner for unbelievably stupid parking. (Samsung Galaxy Spica, May 2011)

Word of the day: Uma–art.

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