While trying to make a mental outline of this year–in–review post, I figured I could’ve simply not blogged the whole year and crammed all of my stories in one entry—and no one would’ve noticed. I guess that’s my 2011 way of saying “I’m such a delinquent blogger”.

So there I went, I clicked every post I published in 2011. Then came the realization that I just winged it most of the time, posting photos more frequently than writing. And the few times I wrote, it was about losing something.


First on my list of losses was when we found a little kitten only to lose her so suddenly. It may sound so petty (and pardon the pun), but you have to read the story of what we went through with her.


It was followed by the news of Sugarfree’s breakup, one that was something we never would’ve expected.


I also wrote about madness and this world we live in.


You’d think I’ve had quite a lot, but it didn’t stop there. I (and you) lost a fellow blogger and very dear friend in AJ.


Just to go on with this theme of demise, the world lost a crazy one.


And then there was the commemoration of the biggest loss of this thing we proudly (and bitterly?) call Philippine democracy.


I almost forgot, remember the time when the world conspired to kill my broadband connection?


But more seriously, here’s all sadness in one paragraph—Barbie has passed away. Yes, she’s the dog who has made a few appearances on this blog, the one dog who’s been with our family for the past 15 years. That’s time too long I don’t even remember what it was like to live without her. We lost her last November 30, and yet we still unconsciously do things as if she was still there. I actually have to remind myself I no longer have bring home leftovers for her to feast on. I miss her. 🙁

Yet with tragedies all around, life goes on.


There were a handful of notable things in my 2011—and some I actually blogged about. I got to photograph some of the world’s most popular athletes, like Kobe Bryant:


and David Beckham:


A highlight all by itself was to watch the Azkals play, but we got more than that and got to shoot them too!


Aside from the Azkals, Hana and I also got to watch and shoot the UAAP Cheerdance competition for the first time, something we could only wish to do before:



The year had its shares of ups and downs (a lot of them), but there’s something about Hana that puts everything alright:


We’re engaged!

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  1. Yup, so many loses in 2011, but these teach and remind us how wonderfully precious life is. 🙂

    As you always say, we should always remember the good things in life. 🙂

    Happy new year my dearest pangga 🙂 Let’s look forward to more new years together. 🙂 I love you :*

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