Five on Friday: Thoughts on Mobile Photoblogging

It’s a little ironic that I’m discussing mobile photoblogging, considering these three keywords—photoblogging, mobile blogging, or even simply blogging—hardly defines me or this blog at all. But since I post on Instagram at least once a week or so, I think I can get away with it.

  1. Shoot anywhere. Don’t be afraid to sneak in a snapshot. Working? Shoot. Stuck in traffic? Snap. Just make sure you’re not violating specific rules, or being a danger to others.

  2. The best camera is the one you have with you. It’s so easy to forget your point–and–shoot compact, or you’re just too lazy to pull it out of your backpack. Use your smartphone instead. It shoots better than any camera you don’t have with you at that moment.

  3. Think outside the box. Or outside the app. Instagram is pretty good for applying effects to photos, but images from other apps can be better. Vignette is a personal favorite. Some camera apps are great for just one thing—don’t hesitate to use them for that!

  4. Share. Photography is fun all by itself, but it doesn’t hurt to share it with your friends! I auto–share to my facebook, twitter, tumblr, and flickr accounts so friends can see them, as well as for archival purposes. If you’re more into smaller, close–knit type of sharing, use Path. There are many apps like it, but it has one killer feature—it has a great built–in camera with live filters!

  5. Upload as soon as possible. I’m notorious for taking tons of photos in various barkada gatherings and then letting them age like fine wine before finally uploading them. Don’t be like me! Repent and change your ways!

    Seriously, delaying the upload just makes it less likely to be shared or even noticed. When shooting with a smartphone, you might as well upload it right away! I use Globe’s Supersurf 999 so I just toggle my mobile data and seconds later, the photo is on Instagram and shared everywhere. Magic!


I’m @rebelpixel on Instagram, see you there!

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