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National Bloggers What?

Do we need a national bloggers association? There has been so much talk about this that I feel the need to throw in my own two cents. But instead of raising every possible reason to make it seem like an unnecessary undertaking, I’ll just quote what has already been said by fellow bloggers. I’ll just […]

Twenty Ten

It’s already the second month of 2011 so I should do this now or just forget it—run my stats for 2010. I dread doing this every year since it just confirms how bad I’ve been blogging every year. From 2005 to 2009, there has been a constant decrease in my blogging frequency, resulting in less […]


I’m just glad to finally see 2009 go. I don’t know about you, but that last year of the decade turned out to be at least tragic for a lot of us and it’s nice to know we’re finally starting a new decade. The noughties was definitely tumultuous. 2009 wasn’t a good blogging year for […]


I haven’t blogged regularly for so long that I couldn’t find my rhythm, so I’ll do what I’ve always thought was the easier thing: post a photo.

Five on Friday: I Heart DFAT 2009

DFAT 2009 was a lot more than one would expect in a food appreciation tour that I just have to do a FoF installment for it. So here’s five things that make me say “I heart DFAT 2009”: Xcelerator The longest zipline in Asia, with speeds in the 70 to 120 kph range giving you […]


We had a blast in Davao last weekend and what was supposed to just be the 2009 Davao Food Appreciation Tour was in reality a fun adventure sparkled with a romantic surprise (here’s my raw footage) and a lot more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself to write about it, or anything at all — at […]