A slow night at the new station in Mindanao Avenue.

We had a blast in Davao last weekend and what was supposed to just be the 2009 Davao Food Appreciation Tour was in reality a fun adventure sparkled with a romantic surprise (here’s my raw footage) and a lot more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself to write about it, or anything at all — at least not at this moment. It would be best that I leave you with some unrelated photos and reminders for now:

  • There is a lot more to blogging than just events. If you’re blogging just to get into events and score freebies, I suggest you rethink your goals.
  • There is money to be made in blogging. For some people, lots of money. But never interchange desire for money with the hunger for beautiful writing or the chance to make a difference.
  • Don’t spam.
  • You are not the greatest blogger in the Philippines. Not one single blogger will ever be. Stop acting like a VIP. These days, some bloggers act like the world owes them just because they write a blog. Wake up, you’re just like everyone else.
  • Stop saying things you can’t say to anyone directly. Don’t you ever blog something just because you have the constitutional right to freedom of expression. It’s just like real life you know.
  • There is a lot more to life than just blogging. Go out and bask in the sun, snap and a photo and meet some new (and old) friends.

Now I’ve got those things out of the way.

A couple rushing past a book store.
Two ladies walking away from the day’s work.
Finally getting my overdue haircut.

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    • I could say you used to be the greatest nung hindi pa pera ang motivation ng mga tao. 😉

      Nothing specific pre. Just to clarify sa lahat ng nakiki-chika, it’s a rant towards the general attitude of local bloggers, specifically those from Manila.

      Most important, this has nothing to do with Davao, promise! 😀

  1. I’m not active in the Manila blogging group but I have noticed a couple of these points in action. It’s a bit disappointing, really.

    Where’d you get your haircut, dude? And why is there no after picture? lol

    • Yeah, it’s sad how many are so engrossed in the event and freebies culture and engaging in it so abusively.

      I get my haircut from my suking barbero who’s been cutting my hair since I was a little boy. 😉

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