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We had a blast in Davao last weekend and what was supposed to just be the 2009 Davao Food Appreciation Tour was in reality a fun adventure sparkled with a romantic surprise (here’s my raw footage) and a lot more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself to write about it, or anything at all — at […]

The Team

You might find it amusing that I’m writing about my team of photographic tools that I use. You’d think differently though if I’d tell you this is just the first time they’ve been together, all four of them. The 400D without–a–name that I sometimes jokingly call “Unlucky” is now back after four and a half […]


I love how the LX3 spits out wonderful JPGs straight out of the cam, but I’m loving it even more as it lends itself to my workflow. So now I christen it “Lex.” Yes, like Smallville’s Lex Luthor, because it scares me with the things it can do. … is first introduced as a morally […]