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I love how the LX3 spits out wonderful JPGs straight out of the cam, but I’m loving it even more as it lends itself to my workflow. So now I christen it “Lex.” Yes, like Smallville’s Lex Luthor, because it scares me with the things it can do. … is first introduced as a morally […]

Published: Wedding Essentials

Merry Christmas! Before the year ends and I completely forget this, I gotta share with you my photos published in Wedding Essentials magazine a few months ago. Yes, the issue has been out for several months now but I’ve almost forgotten to blog about it. It’s the July–December 2008 issue with Issa Litton on the […]

Prenup: Mervin & Bebbet

Mervin and Bebbet were my officemates in my last 8–to–5 job. When I started shooting with a digital SLR, these two were willing models who would rarely pass on the chance to smile for the camera. We were all just a bunch of friends who had lots of fun at the office. When they heard […]

The BlogBank Launch

Having my own company has always been a dream; I’ve always wanted my own startup. When Jayvee broached the idea of setting up an advertising network focused on local weblogs and advertisers, I knew it was going to be the perfect opportunity for me to hack away on web solutions I actually will use. The […]


Most bloggers know Mimi+Karl for the fun–fun–fun Cliquebooth photobooth which we’ve seen in previous blogger—related events, but unknown to many the couple are popular wedding photographers. In fact, they are your best pick to shoot your wedding, as they are the 2007 W@W Supplier of the Year. Yes, that means they are the best–rated (and […]

So I’m awake…

But the truth is, I haven’t slept yet. Since I couldn’t sleep, I busied myself reading about these things: Despite knowing that none of these cameras will make me a better photographer unless I actually go out and shoot with them, there is a pleasure in reading technical specs and feature lists, hoping that maybe […]

Five on Friday: Why take the freelancing plunge?

I’ve been pondering on dumping my day job to be a full–time freelancer on anything under the sun. Seriously, problogging while taking web development and design plus the occasional photography project should be enough to get me by, while enjoying the other wonderful things in life. I’ve come to a point where I think I […]


I never had the chance to write about this, so this is weeks late. But anyway, I just wanna share that I’m now published! I’ve written a few articles for Mobile Philippines the past two issues so if you have the chance, grab yourself a copy. On a related note, I was also listed in […]

Second day at work…

It’s my second day working at Jaemark’s office, trying to come to terms with phpnuke and postnuke, trying to make the most out of these monstrous applications. I never understood before how nuke can be used, until I did a postnuke install in less than five minutes. Doing a windows install would be much harder.