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No Ordinary Day

It was no ordinary day—September 26, 2009. It would’ve been just another wedding shoot, but fate wouldn’t let it that way. So I wrote about it, a year after. More of the images in this photoset, but you’d want to read the story on our blog.

Prenup: Nitz & Bek

I got to know Bek in my first few days at my previous work; she was among the instructors for our eventful three–month training. I remember her as one of the cooler ones as she didn’t insist on using up all the scheduled time for lectures and exercises. She’d simply go through her module and […]

Prenup: Nards & Aggie

Nards and Aggie were among the first few I met when Joey invited me to a RockEd event. They certainly were very accommodating, just like most RockEd volunteers. I noticed I shared a common passion with them, they also loved taking photos. From then on, I’d never see them apart every time I’d get the […]


Most bloggers know Mimi+Karl for the fun–fun–fun Cliquebooth photobooth which we’ve seen in previous blogger—related events, but unknown to many the couple are popular wedding photographers. In fact, they are your best pick to shoot your wedding, as they are the 2007 W@W Supplier of the Year. Yes, that means they are the best–rated (and […]