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Prenup: Nitz & Bek

I got to know Bek in my first few days at my previous work; she was among the instructors for our eventful three–month training. I remember her as one of the cooler ones as she didn’t insist on using up all the scheduled time for lectures and exercises. She’d simply go through her module and […]

The Team

You might find it amusing that I’m writing about my team of photographic tools that I use. You’d think differently though if I’d tell you this is just the first time they’ve been together, all four of them. The 400D without–a–name that I sometimes jokingly call “Unlucky” is now back after four and a half […]

Playing with the Lensbaby

Using the lensbaby isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but it is even harder when indoors at night. When I got to borrow one from M+K (more like take since they hardly use it anymore ;)), I was just too excited I couldn’t stop trying anyway. I think it explains how I badly lost […]

Hello Twenty-Oh-Nine!

Happy new year everyone! Especially to you, my dear. I’m glad you’re blogging again. 😉 The new year celebration was all haze and blur: Now for some family snaps, so Daddy can see them while he’s on vacation: And here’s my brother Hannu goofing around: