Playing with the Lensbaby

Using the lensbaby isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but it is even harder when indoors at night. When I got to borrow one from M+K (more like take since they hardly use it anymore ;)), I was just too excited I couldn’t stop trying anyway. I think it explains how I badly lost in our first few rounds of poker.

Come in.
Nasaan ka?
In a blur.
Mic, pretending to play the guitar.
Marlon and Jonas.
He is looking at you.

ISO 3200 on the 40D just ain’t nice, noise is bad with horizontal banding clearly noticeable. Combined with the ghetto look of the lensbaby’s output and some post–process push, it can still be enough for certain uses. Just don’t insist using the lensbaby’s for everyday shooting.

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    • Haha, exactly. It’s still not exactly cheap but you can use it to add another look to your arsenal. 😉

      Do you still shoot with your 2600z? 😉 Mine’s retired, hehe.

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