Most bloggers know Mimi+Karl for the fun–fun–fun Cliquebooth photobooth which we’ve seen in previous bloggerrelated events, but unknown to many the couple are popular wedding photographers. In fact, they are your best pick to shoot your wedding, as they are the 2007 W@W Supplier of the Year. Yes, that means they are the best–rated (and voted) wedding suppliers as judged by the weddingsatwork.com community.

And I’m so proud to get the chance to regularly work (and have fun) with them! 😉

2007 W@W Supplier of the Year!

That’s Mimi & Karl with their trophies, me and Dax having our own proud moment with the same trophies, and the last one’s me with Hana as we gamely posed in the photobooth while everyone was away. 😉

Just a little nostalgic trivia: I got into digital photography around the same time as Karl when he got his 1.3MP Olympus point–and–shoot, when my father gave me a 2MP Fuji Finepix. Back then, the two of us would always talk and dream of buying a Nikon Coolpix 990/995, the king of digital cameras several years ago. My first digital SLR, a Canon EOS D60 which I still keep, is from Mimi & Karl’s long list of battle–tested photography gear. (I’m actually writing this in the hope of being first in line once they decide to upgrade from the 5D. 😉 Hehehe.)

Talking about the Cliquebooth, the latest iteration rocks big–time! If you think the one you got to try at the blogger food fests was fun, then the latest version is fun squared! More shooting and more prints but without the wait. You’ve got to try it.

Here’s a cool slideshow video from the W@W Christmas Party:

Getting married? Now you know the photographers you should get for your wedding. Unless they’re already booked for your date then your next choice would be me. 🙂

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