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I never had the chance to write about this, so this is weeks late. But anyway, I just wanna share that I’m now published! I’ve written a few articles for Mobile Philippines the past two issues so if you have the chance, grab yourself a copy. On a related note, I was also listed in […]

Problogging at the Blog Herald

Yes, I’m now a problogger at the Blog Herald! Abe broke the news out yesterday right after I got my brief introduction published. Just a short story: When I heard that Abe was taking over and will be doing editorial duties for the new TBH owners, I was very surprised at the turn of events. […]

A blog here, a blog there

If you’ve been inspecting this page quite closely, you would’ve noticed the “Also blogging” tab on my sidebar. Yes, I just started a few weblogs on certain topics I’m familiar with and trying to write with a schedule, unlike here on rebelpixel productions. problogger philippines should tackle professional blogging in the same way as Darren […]

Filipino problogger

I just heard from Yuga that one of us is going the problogging route full–time. J Angelo will be taking care of several weblogs, similar to writers in big networks like Weblogs, Inc and Gawker Media. I’m quite surprised with Yuga’s suggestion that I might be going the problogging way soon. No, I don’t think […]

On entertainment weblogs

Yuga wrote about this almost two weeks ago: the local blogosphere is dominated by showbiz blogs, now overtaking those of political nature. The idea caught up with several Filipino bloggers, with The Ca t explaining the trend that prevails for weblogs around the world. Just yesterday, Manolo took a stab against entertainment weblogs, specifically those […]

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m also writing in one of my new weblogs. I hope to share with everyone, especially Filipino bloggers, the things I’ve learned in the field of — what else — blogging! Let’s see where this takes us.