Withdraw AdSense earnings through Western Union Quick Cash

Western Union Quick Cash

Google AdSense has offered payments through Western Union Quick Cash for some time now, but not for publishers in the Philippines. The day they finally announced the Western Union option for Filipino site–owners, I was more than excited to try it myself.

Around two years ago, I lost my second AdSense check in the mail. It was sent through regular mail, and was stolen and then encashed in faraway Dagupan, Pangasinan. After than incident, I made it my policy to only receive my payments using the secure payment option, sent through DHL. Sadly, it was also a 24 dollar hit for every check sent. By offering payments using Western Union Quick Cash, Google has provided a secure alternative without charge. An early holiday present for pinoy publishers?

With my driver’s license and a few other extra ID cards in hand, I went to the RCPI–Western Union branch inside Robinson’s Galleria, just near Handyman and Chowking at the ground level. Turns out it was easier than I expected.

I had to fill out a form for receiving money, as well as another information sheet that they kept for record purposes. Since it was quite redundant filling out two forms with the same type of fields, I asked. The second one was for future transactions made with the same branch, and you have to fill out another one if you were to transact with another Western Union partner. I guess I’m going to the same branch for AdSense payments from now on.

Just as Google instructed, I had a government–issued ID with me, my driver’s license. But as I guessed, they asked for two valid IDs. I explained I only had one, and showed them the print screen printout of Google’s instructions. For good measure, I handed my expired PRC license as well as a few other old IDs. They asked how much I was expecting, and upon my response, they were very friendly and accommodated my transaction without issues. A little chikka can really help, you know…

With AdSense payments through Western Union Quick Cash and online transactions through PayPal Philippines, local online entrepreneurs now have more options for their business. It would be exciting to know what ventures will soon sprout as a result of these developments.

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  1. Thanks James! I’m sure cases of stolen AdSense checks will be a lot less here in the Philippines. Now here’s to more AdSense earnings! 🙂

  2. So, Markku, how much do you earn in AdSense per month? If you don’t want to disclose it to the whole wide world (WWW), you can course the reply through SMS. Hehehe. 🙂

  3. Eugene, it really depends on the specific month. 😉 Let’s just say it pays for most of my toys and other needs. Hehehe.

    It hasn’t been good recently though. 🙁

  4. I’ll be receiving my second adsense payment this month and I’ll be receiving it thru Western Union too. Can’t wait to experience it too!

    Thanks for this post. I had to be sure it was easier on Western Union. 😀

  5. Dino, just to be sure, you might want to go to a WU branch where a fellow blogger has successfully dealt business with. The chances of it not working out with another branch would be very slim though. Good luck!

  6. i inquired about quick cash and quick pay in one branch here in naga city but was told that they do not have the service. that they only have money transfer. can someone ask western union which branches it is available in bicol? thanks

  7. http://bluemumble.com/2007/12/28/steps-in-receiving-your-google-adsense-payment-through-western-union/
  8. thanks helpful naman tong post mo! it will be my first time with western union next month. buti nalang madali lang 🙂

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