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If you’ve been inspecting this page quite closely, you would’ve noticed the “Also blogging” tab on my sidebar. Yes, I just started a few weblogs on certain topics I’m familiar with and trying to write with a schedule, unlike here on rebelpixel productions.

  1. problogger philippines should tackle professional blogging in the same way as Darren Rowse of problogger.net, and to a certain degree, a macro look at the local blogging and web scene, similar to what Yuga provides. In addition, I’ll try to write as I learn on the topics of search engine optimization and marketing. As I envisioned it, problogger philippines will be special because of personal insights and commentaries on developments in this field of discussion.
  2. builder2 is a weblog more focused on web 2.0 development, unlike TechCrunch who’s much more into the business and user side of things. This is for developers who’d like to learn a bit more, and just read about news concerning various technologies and methodologies. Currently, I’ve written about AJAX libraries, and should be tackling more of PHP, Javascript, miroformats, and all the other web 2.0 buzzwords. Though I’m definitely not an expert developer nor writer, I just feel that this weblog would be fun.
  3. digital photographer sounds like too common a name, too simple. On this weblog, I will be writing on digital photography tools and techniques. Hopefully, I can discuss both the technical and business sides of this growing trade. There will be a few photoshop tricks, some gear recommendations, and simple commentaries on just about everything photography–related. Unfortunately, I hate the name and it might change, though the URL will still be the same. This blog along with Litratista.org should be enough for your regular photography fix.
  4. I don’t think lyrics! needs much introduction, right? It uses the tagline, “A lyrics weblog for the Filipino people” and has been doing the job quite well. Most of the lyrics available are for OPM hits, though a few foreign songs are in the mix. In addition, there are some album reviews for local artists. By the way, you’d be surprised with the variety of comments on this weblog. Trivia: lyrics! was the first Filipino lyrics weblog, and perhaps one of the first few in the blogosphere. All the others out there are fuckin’ copycats.
  5. pinoy big brother blog is part of this little network, though a friend takes care of all of the writing. The local version of the Big Brother reality show has been the fancy of many Filipinos, and has spawned several weblogs on the topic. But unlike the many others, this is the weblog for sensible commentaries and discussion. It is simply not a summary of the day’s events and programming. On an unrelated note, please don’t vote for Roxanne. I want her evicted. Hahaha.
  6. gadgets and mobile are the two remaining weblogs, and the least worthy of mention. They are topics I find interesting, though the extremely rapid developments in these areas make the blogging experience very overwhelming. I’m not even sure if I can keep up with the news, much less write. So if you find them rarely updated, don’t be surprised if they just fade away.

So there you have it folks, a lengthy entry on self–promotion. Haha. 🙂

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  1. Just little steps for now… 🙂 And I wouldn’t really call it a “network” in the same way as the big guys do it. Just writing on the things I’m passionate about. 😉

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