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Merry Christmas!

Wedding Essentials July-December 2008

Before the year ends and I completely forget this, I gotta share with you my photos published in Wedding Essentials magazine a few months ago. Yes, the issue has been out for several months now but I’ve almost forgotten to blog about it. It’s the July–December 2008 issue with Issa Litton on the cover.

I had several shoots for this issue but what was most memorable was shooting a bunch of fun and energetic kids — it turned out two of them were Charlie Ysmael’s children and I got to meet him. That’s Charlie Y. of NU107 who used to front The Breed, one of my favorite pinoy rock bands of the nineties. Black Mercedes Benz!

Charlie Ysmael’s children (bottom photo).

Here’s me on the contributors’ page (the portrait was taken by my pangga some time ago):

My portrait on the contributors’ page.

And here’s the rest of the pages in the mag, but it’s quite unreadable you’ve got to buy a copy of the mag anyway. It’s a good resource for all things nice, especially if you’re getting hitched soon.

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  1. Which were the two kids of Charlie Ysmael? There were four of them in some shots; the two : boy & girl together? Where was the location? Magazine is a back issue; how can I get a copy? By the way, I just started getting interested in photography and travel writing. I like your books. I’m also a big fan of “Spirit
    of 67” band. I watch them regularly at Makati-Shangrila, Conway’s Bar. Tony and
    Charlie are my faves. Wish I can be with you in one of your location shoots, so, I can learn from a Pro. Thanks again. Zennie

    • Hi Zennie, the boy and the girl together, the one at the bottom right of the second photo. It was shot in Diamond Hotel from what I remember. You can buy back issues of Wedding Essentials in most magazine stands, I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding them.

      But wait, I haven’t written a book. Perhaps you’ve mistaken me for someone else? 😉

      Thanks for dropping by anyway. 🙂

      • Ooops! No mistake. In our village, a series of pictures taken and put in together in a page, cd, dvd, etc. is also called a book. Don’t necessarily have to be published as a hard-copy book per se. Of course, ours is the Rookie Village of wanna be photographers with our own lingo.

        At any rate, I’m very interested in underwater photography. Do you have any projects coming up in July or August, 2009? Join ang Lola mo! I want to swim with the butandings! Pictures and all. Guess who’s taking my pictures swimming neck to neck with the butandings? Game ka na ba?

    • I’m interested in underwater photography and looking for company to swim with the butandings (whales). I think, they have this attraction in Boracay Island or
      somewhere in Bicol Province. I need someone to take my pictures while swimming along with the whales. I’m preparing to do this by July or Aug., 2009. Also, e-book is a series of pictures put in together in a web page, cd, or dvd; that’s for us rookies, at least.

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