This way to Caleruega.

I love how the LX3 spits out wonderful JPGs straight out of the cam, but I’m loving it even more as it lends itself to my workflow. So now I christen it “Lex.” Yes, like Smallville’s Lex Luthor, because it scares me with the things it can do.

… is first introduced as a morally ambiguous character, who walks a fine line between good and evil. Lex is an inquisitive person, and it is that curiosity that drives him to attain as much power as possible…

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  1. GORGEOUS. Love Calaruega, love the camera, love the shots.

    By the way I got a Lumix na. Haha. I am having way too much fun with it. 🙂

  2. nice shots ga 🙂
    i like the ‘lumix baby’ shots :p
    i also like the entourage shot from the top, and the last featured photo in the entry 🙂
    textures textures 🙂

    • The lumixbaby is a secret. 😉 I also like that entourage top shot, though it was spooky shooting from that position. The last photo was just blessed with natural textures from the clouds, lucky. 😉

  3. very powerful pics. i have attempts in photography too but I couldn’t come up with good output. it’s must really be talent. 😀

  4. the photos are lovely! im currently trying to learn to use my LX3. its a wonderful camera for a newbie but i know it could give better outputs in more talented hands (just look at your pictures!) yes, ive been told, practice makes perfect! ive nostalgic thoughts about this place because thats where i walked down the aisle. thanx for posting the beautiful pictures!

    • Wow, thanks for visiting my site. I’m gald my photos put a smile on you. 😉

      Yes, practice makes perfect — plus lots of good inspiration! 😀


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