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Firefox address bar shortcuts

Here’s a handy tip for Mozilla Firefox desktop users: you can search for open tabs, history, and bookmarks, right from your address bar. Though this is not highlighted as a major feature in their support docs, it is actually very useful. When starting a new tab (or in your current tab), go to the address […]

R3: Recent Reads

I rarely actively participate in the “social” aspect of most online services, but I’ve been fond of Flipboard the past months just because of the ability to curate my own magazine. It’s really just a stream of links, very much like the links I share here on my blog or what others would share on […]

Five on Friday: What I hate about the iPod

Everyone loves Apple’s iPod, or at least pretends not to hate it. I’ve got one, though there are things I just wish it wasn’t. It takes a lot to shuffle. Go pick a playlist, an artist, or an album. Then suddenly decide that you want to shuffle the tracks instead of listening to them sequentially. […]