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The BoB Couples

From the same set of photos taken at the UP Sunken Garden just after iBlog3, here’s another set featuring two couples (multiply mirror) from the Band of Bloggers. This should be a pleasant surprise for Marc, Sharms, Rico, & Sasha as they are now in Bohol for some R&R. That’s one set of photos down, […]

The BoB Girls

I was at iBlog3 yesterday and enjoyed the wonderful talks from fellow bloggers, as well as the in–the–sidelines small talk in between (and during!) sessions. With the conference being at the UP School of Economics, we knew we had to take pictures at the Sunken Garden, just a few steps away from the venue. Instead […]

Mr. SEO Philippines

Since Yuga just wrote about one of the Philippines’ experts in search engine optimization, it would only be fitting to accompany his entry with a photo of our guru himself: Yes, that’s Marc Macalua of, and he is willing to help in internet marketing and search engine optimization — free of charge. Go ahead, […]