The BoB Couples

Marc & Sharms [1]

Marc & Sharms [2]

Rico & Sasha [1]

Rico & Sasha [2]

From the same set of photos taken at the UP Sunken Garden just after iBlog3, here’s another set featuring two couples (multiply mirror) from the Band of Bloggers. This should be a pleasant surprise for Marc, Sharms, Rico, & Sasha as they are now in Bohol for some R&R.

That’s one set of photos down, several more to go.

Addendum: These photos and those of the BoB ladies wouldn’t be good enough if it weren’t for Eugene and Rico who were game enough to take on the reflector fill duties. Thanks guys!

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  1. @Eugene: Sorry ang tagal bro! Thanks ulit sa paghawak ng reflector. 🙂

    @Amanda: Thanks!

    @Sharms: Thanks, thanks. Galing nyo din mag–pose, pwedeng pwede na talaga! 😉

    @Aileen: May iba pa bang couples nun? 😉

  2. @Amanda, you have no idea how hard it was for me to smile while my wimpy arms were slowly losing their strength. 😆

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