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  1. http://www.macalua.com/2005/12/06/ask-marc-launch-questions/
  2. Mr SEO? There is already a Mr SEO. Are they now going by states? What ever happen to being original?

  3. he looks so majestic already.. lol..
    either its the camera or its his reputation that make him look good..

    he’s not my boss.. lol..

  4. Yes, Marc Macalua is a new and original Mr SEO Philippines. He brought his site in one of the top ten listing seo philippines. He experts in Search Engine Optimization.


    Jeramel Minguito

  5. Stop!!! MACALUA SUCKS – HES A FAKE MR SEO. Do you know that he was the one who fucked up the Jollibee site with blog spam?

    Do you know he’s teh former owner of on-linebrands.com

    He has nu seo business but just fukcing around from his own sleepingroom claiming to do SEO garbage


  6. Gerald, you seem to be so angry at Marc and it looks like it’s of personal nature. I don’t think you’re doing yourself any good by posting a comment here, try writing to him instead.

    I’m keeping your comment for now though it’s not really relevant to the entry’s topic.

  7. a true SEM professional i guess never brags and never even blogs about his achievements nor try to assassinate other’s character. he sleeps and crawls under his tremendous amount of talent and uses it for his good and for the other’s benefit.

  8. fuck you gerald alleva you are the former owner of on-linebrands.. along with you’re dickhead brother joseph… go to hell… you fucked me in the ass and never paid me enough

  9. HAHAHA!!! LOL!!! oh well, alleva brothers are the real owners of on-linebrands.com, trafficbus.com and a lot more!

    Leslie, keep in touch! you know where to find me.

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