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Throwing my weight around…

Or something like that. Just sharing a link to one of my other blogs, pointing to the results for the PRC Nursing Board Exam of November 2008, because I’ve got two cousins proudly making the list: 34141 SEGUERRA, JON FRANCIS ORMILLADA 34142 SEGUERRA, JOSE MARI SEJISMUNDO Congratulations boys! With my brother Hannu graduating yesterday, I […]

SEMCON Philippines 2007

What sets apart the most influential websites from the rest of the pack? I could give you a hundred–item list, but why go to the trouble when there’s one solution that almost always helps: search engine optimization. And what would be the best way to learn more about this voodoo–like practice? Be at SEMCON! This […]

Number one?

The first results for the google query “isulong seoph” (without the quotes) is now steadily made available. Currently, the SERPs returns varied results for different IPs, browsers, google accounts, and other parameters we may never know. As it stands, my entry domain is at number one for most of the result sets, though strangely […]

Isulong SEOPH!

With 130,000 pesos worth of prizes, can you afford not joining? I’m going for this one, despite my meager knowledge of search engine optimization. Isulong SEOPH! Join the fun, we all have a lot to learn. 😉

Mr. SEO Philippines

Since Yuga just wrote about one of the Philippines’ experts in search engine optimization, it would only be fitting to accompany his entry with a photo of our guru himself: Yes, that’s Marc Macalua of, and he is willing to help in internet marketing and search engine optimization — free of charge. Go ahead, […]


Playing with the new technorati, I came across several articles listing high–paying keywords in various contextual advertising programs. “Mesothelioma” tops the list, probably an uncommon word to many. I guess this justifies the high click prices for “asbestos” and “cancer,” as they are related topics. “Loans” and “financing” are also multi–dollar keywords. Remember, technorati is […]