SEMCON Philippines 2007

SEMCON Philippines 2007: The 1st Philippine Search Engine Marketing Conference

What sets apart the most influential websites from the rest of the pack? I could give you a hundred–item list, but why go to the trouble when there’s one solution that almost always helps: search engine optimization.

And what would be the best way to learn more about this voodoo–like practice? Be at SEMCON! This will be the very first search engine marketing conference in the Philippines and surely you’d get to meet the gurus of local SEO, those that make good enough money they put to shame even the highest paid local basketball players. Seriously. Aside from them, SEO superstar Aaron Wall will also be there, joining the long list of influential speakers.

Since I couldn’t afford a SEMCON ticket, I’ll take Marc’s offer for a chance at free tickets. And why do I deserve to be there? Maybe because my was first on the #1 spot for the isulongseoph keyword ranking contest last year. Of course I didn’t win, but I was more than happy with my fifteen minutes of fame. Everything you learn in SEMCON will help you make better and more influential websites.

You should be there, especially with the recent google dance that’s shaking the ranks.


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  1. Like I said, if Marc didnt give you free tickets, maybe you can take your shot at being the official photographer. Heh. Then take lots of pictures of ME okay? hehe.

    Hope to see you there markku 🙂

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