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Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Launched!

Okay this is pure SE linkbait material. But anyway… The launch for Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 just concluded with only six housemates officially inside the house as of this evening. But why only six? Interestingly, this should be one of the network’s gimmicks for this season to further raise interest in the show. Of […]

ABS-CBN on blogging

ABS-CBN hates blogging. They hate it so much they interviewed a local blogger who has extensively covered the first season of Pinoy Big Brother and almost everything related to it, only to defer airing the said segment at the last minute. has been the online authority on the hit reality show that captured the […]

PBB fixed?

Email reports are spreading that Pinoy Big Brother is apparently fixed, though it would be very hard to confirm this. As the story unfolds, I can’t help but wonder if this allegations could possibly be true. Some events inside the house are just too good (or too bad) to be “unscriptedly” real life.


If you’ve been following Pinoy Big Brother, you’d be amazed at the twists and turns the story has taken since it started — another 100 second encounter which we guessed, well, sort of. Then we get five nominees for eviction, just after a former housemate reenters the show. At the rate things are going, nothing […]


Watching American Idol a few hours ago, it was really sad to see Constantine Maroulis leave after looking pretty solid for several weeks. Performances for this week weren’t exactly superb, and it boiled down to the last few thousand votes probably. Paula was crying, and with good reason. I think Constantine (and his band?) can […]

American Idol

Last night, I watched the performances of Americal Idol’s final twelve on StarWorld, and I must say that most of them were very good. Jasmine Trias’ rendition of Natalie Cole’s Inseparable was the best for the evening! Filipinos have been rooting for the two half–pinoys, Jasmine and Camile Velasco, and I really hope they stay […]