American Idol

Last night, I watched the performances of Americal Idol’s final twelve on StarWorld, and I must say that most of them were very good. Jasmine Trias’ rendition of Natalie Cole’s Inseparable was the best for the evening! Filipinos have been rooting for the two half–pinoys, Jasmine and Camile Velasco, and I really hope they stay longer in the competition. Who do I think would win? Jasmine or Jon Peter Lewis.

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  1. #$%&'”#\@!! Sorry for being rude, but this is probably the best-looking blog I’ve laid my eyes on. Nice work.

    I like the red splotches in the footer. The footer looks black at first, but then when you look at it for a while, you’ll notice parts of it are red. Cool. The color, shape and position of every item in the page is well thought of.

    Frankly, my eyes get tired after looking at it for some time, but overall it’s excellent design. Galing.

  2. hey wow ang gaganda ng pictures mo! and even this layout as well but anyway, i have to comment on that American Idol thing… i love to watch it too on star every t-th! Pero sa tingin ko si Fantasia Barino talaga ang mananalo kasi constant fave sha ng judges even the audiences (i think) hehe but i still think jasmine can go a high up to the top 2 or 3.

    Si Jon Peter Lewis? Ahaha! he’s one of my favorites! His dad is just so bigie funnie! Gumigiling giling pa sa tv haha! He’s such a comic and good voice too. Sha haha im not makin sense na… more power to ur amazing site!

  3. My personal faves are George Huff, JP Lewis (who’s a cross between Ryan O’Neal and LOTR’s Merry :)), Fantasia, and Jasmine. On the other hand, I’d give my right arm not to see the saccharine (and toady) Diana DeGarmo ever again. Need I explain why?

    p.s. Thanks to ABS-CBN for prematurely (two weeks, to be exact) announcing that Camile Velasco has been voted off. Such valuable information for those of us who patiently follow the series on Star and fight the temptation to visit

  4. Monch, I wasn’t able to see George Huff sing “I Can Love You Like That,” but clips from that performance were impressive. I think he has a chance.

    ABS-CBN “felt” it was their duty to let us know; gusto lang nila makipag-unahan sa GMA.

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