This is the archive page for March 2003

Galing ni Jimmy Alapag!

I caught the PBA game between Talk N Text and Ginebra early this evening, the first time I really saw Jimmy Alapag play. Grabe ang galing! Makes me wonder what could’ve happened if he was chosen (and healthy enough) to play for the National Team sent to the Asian Games last year. Despite his size, […]

Purefoods, and shouting?

Last Sunday, I was at the Araneta Coliseum with my girlfriend Monch and sister Charla to watch Purefoods’ game against Batang Red Bull. As you would expect, Purefoods lost. Bad trip talaga!       We were seated a few rows behind the Purefoods bench, with one of their company executives just in front of […]

instant pancitcanton and other blogs

Since I don’t have anything to write about concerning myself, why don’t you just head for Jaemark’s instant pancitcanton? Yes I know you were there minutes ago, and you wouldn’t be here if not for his blog. A blog I’ve been reading recently is Vic Icasas’ He Shoots, He Scores. This guy is one hell […]

Mobile ebooks

I’ve just converted “Siddhartha – An Indian Tale” to Isilo and Plucker formats. Good read while you’re on the road with nothing to do. Of course I didn’t mean while driving.     I’ve been into collecting palm ebooks for the past few months, yet I haven’t really read most of them. I think I […]

Australian Grand Prix

I watched the replay of the first race of the Formula One season last Sunday night, and it was quite nice to see Ferrari getting some real competition. After watching Qualifying 1 on Friday and Qualifying 2 on Saturday, I thought the major rule changes only made it harder for the other teams to compete. […]


I just came across this interesting article posted on MeFi. The article refers to this site, whose author is claiming to have some sort of top–secret, classified information, which he intends to reveal to the world on the 8th of March, 2003, which is tomorrow! Read the site’s first post where it all began.

Macromedia redesigns

Macromedia has just redesigned, sporting a new, clean look with excellent use of typography. Unfortunately, most of it is in Flash, which makes me wonder what the site serves to mobile/PDA and text-only browsers.

Linux madness

I just installed Red Hat Linux 8 to a partition on my pc, and I would say things went well. For someone without any background on Linux, it wasn’t really that hard. But now I have to learn how to read my NTFS and FAT32 partitions. Do you know how to do this? Drop me […]

This is insane

Working with HTML entities and PHP forms plus stupid browsers with extreme amounts of coding dumbness is making me go nuts! htmlspecialchars(), stripslashes(), my forms are going berserk. Some text just want to go away. I should go and sleep now.

An attempt at redesign

I’ve been working on tapsiLOG for the past few weeks trying to get it working by my birthday. Today’s my birthday. 🙂        The coverphoto at the top is randomly chosen, as well as the galleries on the left. The links on the leftmost section still needs some updating, maybe tomorrow. Leave me […]