Once in a blue moon

At some point in our lives, we utter the phrase “once in a blue moon,” denoting an instance or event of immense importance. Or someone that brings back great, lasting memories. Blue moons come every two or three years, and for some people it signifies some important high (or low) point in their lives.

Blue moons aren’t blue, and does not have anything to do with human behavior. Personally, “blue moon” reminds me of Sydney Forrest’s song “Once In A Blue Moon”, and this snippet of text from an Inquirer column written around eight years ago:

“…This love episode got you in a mixed-up situation so that you couldn’t be sorry it happened, no matter how you felt about it at first. You find that the books you read suddenly mean more because you know what the writer is talking about in a much more personal way. When you hear music, you know when it comes straight from the musician’s heart. When you look at a great picture, it says something to you that you might never have noticed before. You can walk down the street and look at people’s faces and know why they look the way they do. It makes you kin to the whole world somehow.

“The point is, after that, nothing can ever hurt you much again. It has made you brave and restless and strong and sure of yourself and unafraid to be generous and tender. There’s a curious kind of knowledge that once in a blue moon, once in a lifetime, you loved someone better than you loved yourself.”

When I read that article, I just entered college. And I felt it was one of the most meaningful I’ve read at that time. And she felt that too. Now more than ever, I can read it with a much deeper understanding, and all the lines make perfect sense. It makes me proud of everything, of falling in love, of loving with all my heart. Love, as the great poets would describe it. I just had to share this, you know.

Tomorrow night, August 30, the Philippines will get the second full moon for this month, a blue moon. Go out, go to Sunken Garden and lie down on the grass. Look at the moon and say nothing—or say anything. And maybe, just maybe—fall in love.

No, I’m not unwell.

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  1. Hey MaThIbUs, haven’t heard from you for quite a while! 🙂 Nice to have you commenting here again, and I’m glad you learned something from my post. Now I guess, I make sense. 🙂

  2. You certainly do make sense! 🙂

    I’ve been on vacation, that’s why many blogs had to miss my comments for a while…
    The funny thing is, I kept on visiting some of the blogs in my blogroll (Photo Matt, MtDewVirus, yours, etc etc) using my mobile phone and the Google XHTML to WML translator. (Funkey!)

    I noticed you haven’t been posting too much the last two months, too… But we all understand that.

    P.S.: Check your Gmail 😉

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  4. yupz…this is learning a great deal!

    whereas the blog was all agog about the blue moon, i didn’t know
    it has to happen yesterday. poor me 🙁

    “once in a blue moon” has beautiful lyrics. as an improvisation to what was mentioned in the inq column above, “i think i know that it comes from the poet’s heart”. how empathizing! haven’t heard of the song though.

  5. 🙂

    i guess it doesn’t matter, for single people, in whose arms the blue moon finds us…

    it matters more who inspires us everyday… who makes us smile everyday… who makes us feel alive everyday

    even if we’re not always in his/her arms

  6. delish, I think that for single people, it feels really good to be in the company of your closest friends and family, the people who love you unconditionally.

    Some of us are meant to lose our “greatest love,” only to realize years later that your greatest love is the one you have by that time. There are chapters of our lives made for understanding the beauty of love and relationships around us.

  7. hey. ngyon ko lang nabasa tong article mo rgarding ONCE IN A BLUE MOON.. kind of late na db for a comment. i was searching lang for the lyrics of HIGH by THE SPEAKS and i came across this web page. actually, d2 ko rin nakuha un mga lyrics ko sa song ng hale. anyway back to the blue moon thing, i happen to be familiar with the song that you mentioned, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON by SYDNEY FOREST.. it was the soundtrack from SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE right. i love that song and i was wondering kung saan ako makakapagdownload non… id appreciate if you could help me… nakaka-inlove kc un song… i’ll be waiting… and i’ll be watching……. 🙂

  8. Brigette, sige I’ll try to find that for you. Thanks for dropping by. I wasn’t aware where the song “Once in a Blue Moon” was used, I just heard it on the radio and fell in love with it. 😉

  9. thanks for the link that you gave me.. don’t erase it yet please, kc papadownload ko pa un sa friend ko… mejo mabagal kc un pc ko eh.. anyway, try to watch the film where that song was used.. it’s SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.. mejo shallow un story but touching nevetheless..the song was used nung sumasayaw na yta sila kaya talagang kakainlove un said scene.. hope you could watch it… thanks ule… btw, got a friendter account? add mo nman me.. rug_rats09@yahoo.com…thanks

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