The good fight

I had a leisurely time reading the morning paper earlier today only to be surprised by news of the death of a former bank president. (Cached link.) The evidence clearly points to suicide, which I find uncommon for a predominantly Catholic population. The only state I can recall high occurrences of suicide is Japan, where taking one’s own life is considered a noble act.

Going through the news story, I was deeply touched by the email he sent a friend just hours before his death.

My prayer

GOD asked me to wait; I endured. God asked me to do right; I struggled for what was right. I kept strong outside, but stood alone. My unbearable fear, burden and pain for the sake of others and my family, I shared only with God.

O where is Justice? Where is Truth? Where is Compassion? It is Your face Lord, I truly seek. If not now, then after this lifetime. If not here, then in Your kingdom.

I finished my race; I fought my good fight; I did not give up; I kept my faith. Yet death may still bear meaning or purpose for others, if not our lives.

Lord, look upon us with mercy and love in our last moments of human frailty. Let me sing You praise and glory forever in Your house.

Though suicide is a sin by the Church’s standards, his pain and suffering is something we can all relate to, shared by everyone in this ever–changing world. Not that taking one’s own life is acceptable, but the prayer he left behind is a moving piece of prose that will surely touch those who read it. May he rest in peace.

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  1. I was also suddened to hear about this piece of news, especially after reading more details about his struggle to save his bank and his name. I just don’t understand why he had to give up. He should have raised his sufferings to the Lord by asking for more strength, not by ending his life. But still, may he rest in peace.

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