One million pageviews

One million pageviews since June 2005, with traffic coming mostly from search engines. No it’s not rebelpixel productions but lyrics! It’s the site I usually refer to as “my other blog,” the one responsible for taking me to six-figure-blogging, at least in peso terms. A million page hits, with roughly 300,000 unique visitors over the same span.

But before I go deeper into problogging and monetizing your site, let me introduce my latest project, this one on pinoy big brother. I’m co-writing this with a noted blue school campus paper personality, who’s every inch a PBB addict. Everyone is captivated by the drama of this reality series, so head to our latest offering and share your thoughts. You just might learn a few unpublished stories.

Now, like I always say: “Stay tuned, more to come soon.”

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