This is the archive page for November 2005

100 days of Pinoy Big Brother

Having just caught Pinoy Big Brother’s 100th day anniversary, I was surprised to see how fast things have changed for housemates both inside and outside of “bahay ni kuya.” The remaining housemates had the chance to pick from several, significantly huge gift boxes that turned out to wrap an ex–housemate within. It was an early […]

On entertainment weblogs

Yuga wrote about this almost two weeks ago: the local blogosphere is dominated by showbiz blogs, now overtaking those of political nature. The idea caught up with several Filipino bloggers, with The Ca t explaining the trend that prevails for weblogs around the world. Just yesterday, Manolo took a stab against entertainment weblogs, specifically those […]

80% Pop Ratio

First of all, right click on the photo and save it. Why? Sooner or later you just might need it. With the current upswing in the local music scene, you just might be looking at the members of the next big thing. We have the songs, and yes we’re big — physically. Hehe. Yesterday morning, […]

Thanks Diong!

Last week, I finally got the chance to pick up a package that arrived at the end of October. The delivery notice made it to my address a week after the package arrived at the post office, and had no details regarding the source or the content. I had a clue it was from outside […]

Error 99 update

So I went to Canon yesterday. I still felt bad about the error 99 and not having a good camera I can shoot with, considering it’s already “ber” season. Upon arrival at Canon’s Pasong Tamo office, I suddenly felt good waiting in line in the company of pro shooters, also with their broken gear. Ah, […]

Error 99

My D60 just got an error 99 that wouldn’t go away even with all the tricks other users have suggested. I feel like a walking zombie without my cam, and dread the possible cost Canon has in store for me. As it is now, this could be the dreaded shutter replacement, since this cam is […]

Google Adsense Referrals

Checking my adsense performance a few minutes ago, I noticed something new on their AdSense site upon login: a referral program for publishers. Basically, a new publisher signup through your referral code gives you $100 upon their first earned hundred. Yes, when they finally reach their first one hundred (a highlight of every adsense publisher’s […]