100 days of Pinoy Big Brother

Having just caught Pinoy Big Brother’s 100th day anniversary, I was surprised to see how fast things have changed for housemates both inside and outside of “bahay ni kuya.” The remaining housemates had the chance to pick from several, significantly huge gift boxes that turned out to wrap an ex–housemate within. It was an early Christmas present for everyone, and surely a very memorable one for Say and JB who couldn’t just get enough of each other, hugging and kissing while seemingly mumbling sweet nothings for the whole 100 seconds. Everyone was upbeat, even those in the boxes not picked that Big Brother had a hard time ending their short but meaningful reunion.

With December just a few minutes away, PBB’s first season will soon end. Who do you think has the biggest chance of winning?

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  1. i lyk cass coz she’s sweet, kind and pretty but i want jayson be the big winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. don’t like Pbb anymore…..
    i knew that it was fake and i beleive that it is…

    sam,cass, and uma are regular ABS artist….
    either of them will surely win the big prize….

  3. Anne, I’d rather see Jayson win because Nene has been a nobody at all all throughout the whole season.

    Abbygel, I think Cass is too high profile to win it all. Besides, she doesn’t appeal to certain types of viewers.

    PogSzzz, that’s a speculation that’s been greatly fueled by hearsay. Though I also feel that ABS-CBN’s intervention with the show has been rather “too intrusive.”

  4. Looks like the last “test” by big brother backfired!!! Of course nobody wiil ever be thrown out of the big 4 coz the show will go pfft!!! Although testing one’s character is a must especially in the light of the millions they would be receiving after the show, I do not agree to the way it was to be TESTED! Who in HIS EVER right mind would order somebody to destroy (cut or burn) somebody’s clothes even though it wasn’t actully his? What IF a housemate DID really do it? …. A lot of people are in need of clothes, food and care this Xmas and in fairness the show DID actually share gifts and MADE some deserving but financially incapable people….

  5. hi, sam! can you b my frnd? you know da song “falling”? i’m not sure if this was sang by the Ke Y, but then can u sing it with jenny sometime? f ur not familiar w/ 8; 8 sounds lyk dis: ( chorus ) and i think im falling baby im falling 4 u baby im falling 4 u. luv u! when will u visit bacolod? “,

  6. Sam ang cute mo grabe! U know what mch better kung di ka lang laging ngiti ng ngiti. Basta gwapo mo!

  7. Always kami friend ni Say. Were friends. I cannot say this to Say in person because I’m a close friend of hers. Pero sana naman you can be with JB again. Maraming na kasing fans na nangungulit sa fan site koh!

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