Blue Moon

I just watched Regal Film’s Blue Moon last Thursday night, an entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Anne wanted to see it so badly; I on the other hand was thinking I’d rather see Exodus if I was to watch a movie in this year’s fest. To my surprise, the movie was above average based on my standards for Filipino movies.

Lyle Sacris’ cinematography was certainly effective, though there was room for more if they had the time and budget to work with. A film under the direction of Joel Lamangan with Eddie Garcia and Christopher De Leon top–billing, it was a certified success, at least on paper.

The movie takes you on a brief journey back into Philippine history, in many ways similar to what we hear from our lolos and lolas, retold over a hundred times through the years. This is a tale of young hearts, lost love, second chances, and an examination of typically flawed father–son relationships.

The story may seem like dragging, though the buildup to its finale somehow makes it worthy to sit it through until the very last minute.1 The actors were okay, though I personally find it impossible to like Mark Herras.2

Just a few hours ago, Blue Moon was awarded as the top movie of the festival, also bagging several other awards. The way it looks, seems we got the sweet part of the deal for our 130–peso tickets.3 Catch thes movie, support the Filipino artist. 🙂


[1] This is the type of movie best enjoyed from beginning to end, no matter how predictable the ending may be to some people.

[2] Nothing personal against the young man, I just find it really hard to like him, unlike his co–stars and other current young actors.

[3] Yes, the tickets for the filmfest movies cost 130 pesos at Robinson’s Galleria. That’s more expensive than their usual tickets, I think. Just thinking out loud.

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  1. ung isa jan iyak ng iyak kaya tuloy ako tawa ng tawa 😀 ahahahha… bitter ka tlga raych 😛

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