Don’t Give Up On Us

It’s not really as bad as you would think. Last weekend, I finally got to see the Piolo Pascual — Judy Anne Santos starrer “Don’t Give Up On Us,” one of the better Filipino films to greet the new year. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie the first time I saw the trailer last year, captivated mostly by the cinematography.

First of all, the best reason to watch the film is to enjoy the wonderful view up north. Baguio, Banaue Rice Terraces, Sagada — all in one film. The vintage pickup driven by the male lead is also something you cannot ignore, a motoring classic. The music is passable and if you’re the cheesy–type, you might actually enjoy Piolo’s singing, as he sings acceptably well.

And here’s something to watch out for — Cheska Garcia acts. I never saw her as a dramatic actress before, though for one scene she was doing it quite convincingly. Expectedly, Piolo and Juday had great screen chemistry, whether the scene was drama or light comedy. They even had a long and passionate kissing scene that was so real, you’d think Piolo was actually feeling it, until you realize he she was kissing Juday — not Claudine in Milan, but Juday. Anne couldn’t agree more. Hehehe, that was a little harsh. 🙂 But seriously, both were excellent in the movie, just as the rest of the cast.

By now, you already know I’m recommending this movie. Yes, watch it. This isn’t a movie you’d want to watch all over again, though for entertainment value it is quite well worth it.

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  1. We’ve also seen the movie, and we liked it. I even wrote an article for one of my columns about it. Post ko sa blog ko after ma-publish.

    Ang napansin ko, parang si Sharon si Judy Ann. 🙂

  2. I can’t to watch it!!!! I ordered the DVD since it snowed in Maryland!!! on Sat and Sun and the roads were so bad going to Virginia Beach!!!!

    I bought his Platinum hits where the “Don’t Give Up on Us” was the first song. Oh my God, it is so beautiful!!!! His songs are so heart throbbing and honest!!!!!

  3. Sad to say alam mo i really dont have the time to watch the said move and ang nakikita to lang eh yong pinalalapas na ilang linya sa TV ng nasabing pelikula. Pero masasabi ko talaga na kahit na di ko nakita and nasabing pelikula ay maganda talaga lalo na at and drama princess na si Ms. Judy Ann Santos ang gumanap na abby eh talaga namang the best yan no at kasama pa niya ang gwapong si Piolo Pascual na hanip din kong Umarte sa TV eh talaga the best ang chemistry nilang dalawa sana may wallpaper ako sa inyo kahit isa man lang.

  4. hi. i just wanna ask if u guys know the title of the song, yun nasa ending part na..

    it goes like this…. ” lately ive been thinking about you and me…….. ”


  5. uhmm does anybody kno the soundtrack of this moviee ‘coz im tryna look for a song buh i ono wah its called. o0o0o && i think its the one from the comment above ^^ something wit “lately..”

  6. Well the movie was good, but the love/kissing scene was not quite convincing, parang they were holding back probably its because judy ann has a boyfriend (ryan) base lang sa nakita ko wala talagang kissing sa lips which i thought was required kasi they are in love di ba? ewan ko lang iba pa rin yun di tulad nong sa “bakit di totohanin” and “Till there was you”. but i would say that the movie and the story specially the cinematography was great.

  7. do you know the title of the song used on the last part of the movie don’t give up on? it’s a nice song… bagay sa scene

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