First Wedding Photos

Sharing some photos from the wedding I covered last Friday, the first one I shot on my own after months of training from the excellent “Mimi and Karl School of Wedding Photography.” 😉

I owe it to the wonderful couple Ramil and Kristine for allowing me to capture a significant milestone in their lives. And yes, the groom was my high school batchmate and he’s around three years younger than most of our batch. And now he has his family. 🙂

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  1. @rain: I used myu D60 along with my Sigma 17-70, coupled with a Sigma EF500 DG Super. The lens is very good for its price. 🙂

    @chris: Parang pro? Hehehe, hoping to be one someday. 😉

    @Ramil & Kristine: Thanks din sobra. It was really fun shooting your wedding. Sorry tagal nung edited photos. 😉

    @ederic: Di ba ikaw yung ikakasal na? Hehehe. 😉

    @Raych: Thanks. Bitter? Joke. 😉

    @Jolo: Salamat, salamat. Nasaan na site mo? 🙂

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