On Ninoy…

I would’ve written something nice for August 21, the commemoration of Ninoy Aquino’s death, but I remember the headline from two years ago:

Philippine Daily Inquirer front page for August 21, 2004.

Ironic, isn’t it? What was supposed to be a turn in the positive direction has led us to where we are now, a place where no journalist can criticize a non–transparent leadership, a time when freedom of expression no longer is a right but almost a crime. Did you hear the news that the number of politically–related killings for this year has surpassed the record for any of the Marcos dictatorship years? Is the Filipino really worth dying for?

Sometimes, I think aloud.

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  1. wow, last year pala yun post na yun? i almost forgot what it’s all about basta naalala ko you mentioned abbey road cover when i saw that pic up there.

    and i got my piece here (forgot to change the date…i started writing 21st but posted it just yesterday, 23rd)

  2. The Filipino is not worth dying for. . . our people asd a whole by now is a generation of materialistic mentality and all they are after is money regardless where it came from. Sad to admit the harsh reality, the moral decay of the society brought about by the hollywood mentality.

  3. @leo_bicolano: To collectively categorize all Filipinos as not worth dying for would be a little hasty, but I do understand how much we’ve changed and hardly like the Filipinos of generations long gone. But never give up, there is always a chance to make things right.

    @Mikko: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Unfortunately, no one can answer your query with certainty. Nevertheless, his death should still serve as a spark for us Filipinos to always strive for freedom and a better life. If only we used our loss to inspire our lives.

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