Fun shoot

[1] Arvi

[2] Clar & Ispok

[3] Anne

[4] Arvi

[5] Ispok & Clar

[6] Anne

[7] Arvi

[8] Joey

Joey finally succumbed to the digital SLR craze and helped himself to a Canon EOS 350D, going all the way to Hidalgo in Quiapo on lunchtime of a working Monday. He couldn’t make himself wait for the just announced 400D, and right away scheduled a photo shoot with our friend Arvi. She gamely posed for us though we were obviously amateurs in creative direction. Fortunately, we had a few good ones.

Ispok and Clar managed to join us for a good part of the shoot, and they ended up posing for some shots. Anne wasn’t spared as well, I just had to take photos of her too. 🙂 Christa was the only one spared from my camera, probably because she was also busy shooting with her nice little Ixus. I just realized now, we could probably pass for a Canon promotional team. Maybe they could lend me a 400D for a comprehensive review perhaps?

I’m quite surprised how good some of my photos turned out, they were at least better than what I expected. I borrowed Karl’s favorite 70–200 f/2.8L and fell in love with it right away. My D60 felt like new when it was mated to this wonderful lens. Now I’m having a hard time stopping myself from stealing from my savings account. All photos posted above were with that lens, except for those in #3 which were both shot with the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC Macro I bought a few months ago.

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  1. kakakuha ko rin ng 70-200mm f2.8L ko yesterday, and grabe ang mga shots, sobrang creamy ng bokeh. and sa low light, very good ang focus response niya.

    i havent used it in broad daylight yet, pero soon. it’s a good combination to the Sigma 17-70mm DG Macro.

  2. Someday I want to own Canon DSLR… I just learned I can use my M42 mount lenses perfectly with adapter to Canon DSLR so thats good … not now wala pa money 🙂

  3. I like the second to the last photo… ganda ng pose, the tree served as a nice frame may interesting details pa like the moss and leaves, tapos lovely bokeh of the trees in the background.

    I therefore conclude, it’s the lens not the photographer. Hehe!

  4. Diong, I have a lot of M42 lenses that I mount on my Canon 20D. I use the taiwanese M42 AF confirmation adaptor and it’s just amazing. The best M42 lens that I have so far is the Pentaxt SMC Takumar 135mm f3.5. I read a comparison somehwere that it is as sharp as its Canon L equivalent.

  5. Kim, I’m actually planning to get one too. You got it brand new? Magkano dyan? I was at Hidalgo this afternoon, 44.5k yung Sigma 70–200mm f/2.8 macro. Also considering it kasi mas mura, although takot ako baka not as sharp as the Canon. I think I can pray that Karl gets the IS version and sells to me the 70–200 at a bargain price. 🙂

    Karl, grabe ang deep naman ng comment mo, pang wedding proshooter talga. 😉 O nag–comment ka lang for PR juice? Hehehe. Benta mo na sa akin yang 70–200 mo, madami ng gasgas yung paint, hindi na bagay sayo. Dapat sayo yung 200mm f/1.8L… 😉

    Diong, I think you can get a 350D/XT body for 600-700 USD these days, mura na rin kahit paano. Pero mas okay siguro if you wait for the 400D, much better in many ways. Problem with M42 + DSLR, manual focusing ka lang. With the XT and 20D, masyado maliit yung viewfinder, mas mahirap compared to film SLRs mag manual focus. Sa 5D daw masarap mag M42 sabi ni Karl. 🙂

  6. dude, ako rin, I’m saving up for the IS version, tapos benta ko rin non-IS version ko kasi it really holds its value like a used Lexus.
    even war beaten L lenses hold their value really well.

  7. Kim, if you sell it to me it shouldn’t hold value, para mura. Hehehe. The IS version is 50% more expensive so I’d take the ordinary 2.8L if I had the money. 🙂

    Brymac, yes natuloy kami. Next time, studio naman tayo. Stay tuned, something exciting is gonna happen, hopefully. 😉

  8. Kim,

    where can you buy that m42 to eos mount adapter?

    Lahat ng pages dito may link ako kahit di na ko magcomment hardiharhar. Nagpapangap lang kunwari may alam ako 😉

  9. Kim, gusto ko din yang adapter na yan. Kung may makuha kang mura, bili mo naman kami. Tapos negosyo na rin natin dito! Hahaha.

    Karl, oo nga pala noh. Alam mo ba na ang text link sa PR6 site eh at least 40 dollars kung bibili ka sa mga broker sites? 😉 Kaya discount na yan sa 70–200 mo ha… hehehe. Gawin nating PR6 yung wedding tips site, host mo na lang sa akin, tapos co–author na din ako, kunwari may alam… hehehe.

  10. hey markku – why not form a group of pinoy photographer slash bloggers? with the cost of DSLRs going down to affordable levels, i have this gut feel that photography is gaining ground as a yuppie hobby — maybe there’s a niche here? what do you think?

  11. Chris, sige gawa tayo! Ano ba exactly ideas mo? Founders tayo? Hehehe.

    Actually, may business idea kami related to this, pero inaayos pa. 😉

  12. Pwede ako sali sa photo blog group? 🙂

    Kim: I’ve been trying to collect Zeiss m42 lenses… I have 50mm F/2.8 and 35mm F/2.4 (I only have two 🙂 ) Nag iipon pa for my next lens purchase Flektogon 20mm F/2.8…

    Markku: Specs for 400D looks really good…$799 listed price not bad. I will continue to dream though and just still to my $30 Pentax film camera hehe.

  13. diong, i added you sa flickr. anyways, i have the following lenses:

    Vivitar 85-210 f3.8
    Pentax SCM Takumar 135mm f3.5
    Soligor 135mm f3.5

    Yashinon DX 50mm f1.7
    Yashinon DS 50mm f1.7
    Yashinon DX 5.5cm f1.8
    Yashinon DX 50mm f1.4
    Yashinon DX 28mm f2.8

    Makinon 200mm f3.3

    I sold my Sears 60-300mm.

    I think the 400D will be a great DSLR for any level of photographers. it matches and even surpasses a lot of specs of my 20D. and for that price… it’s a steal.

  14. tol, naeexcite na ako, sawa na kasi ako sa fact na dinudumog ng spam yung main photoblog ko… anyways, i will await your email

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