Guess who’s 24 today?

Guess who's 24 today?

Happy birthday Anne. smile

Wishing you a life of blessings and success, because you deserve it. May you have a truly wonderful birthday. God bless. I love you.

Uwi ka na, shopping ka ng shopping sa Tutuban eh, date na tayo… wink

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  1. Syempre, maganda model eh. ;)

    Rick, it’s good that projectmanila is active again. :) Ganda nung mga kuha mo ah, dun ba yan sa Cubao-x? Care to explain the place to someone who has no idea what’s really there? ;)

  2. Just add a few dramatic color effects, at pambillboard na yan!

    Happy birthday to her!

    …and ikaw rin – nice work! :D

  3. Mark (mjerome), billboard? Wow! :)

    Mark (TiB), I hope we all get our adsense checks without problems next time. To hell with whoever is our Dagupan thief!

    Jayvee, nakakakilig? :) Eh ano balita dun sa new girl mo? ;)

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