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Featured at Blog-O-Rama!

rebelpixel productions was featured on Manila Bulletin’s Blog–O–Rama! Finally, after years of blogging and shooting and hacking code, this weblog is getting some mainstream attention, even just for one day. Something like my little 15 minutes of fame.

Ajay interviewed me a few weeks back and it was finally published yesterday. If you have a copy of The Manila Bulletin for February 26, read my interview and indulge my ego for a brief while. (Hehe.) For my readers not in the Philippines, you can read it online or peruse this hi-res image if you want to go through it as printed. Yes, for all three of you.

And since I already began promoting myself, you wouldn’t mind a bit more of this, right?

Photo of Joshua Davis published at Inquirer's Super.

Two Saturdays ago, I finally had a photo I took published on a national daily. On print. The series of photos above were taken during the press conference for last December’s Graphika Manila. Luckily, Jayvee invited me to tag along to shoot some pics for the event. And they were published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Super section to accompany a story on the great Joshua Davis! Woohoo!

At the blogparteeh.

Lastly, I didn’t know a photo of me was published on the Manila Bulletin for its story on the Blogparteeh last month. Until Noemi wrote about it. Yes, that’s me holding a book on the bottom left photo, taken by Karla, a cropped version of what I posted in this entry.

I never thought I’d get the chance to get published but the past few months has proven me wrong. I guess passion for the things I love is somehow rewarding itself.

My bro txted me yesterday after the reading the Bulletin, quite proud of his Kuya. Hehe. (We’ll get that car soon!) My dad messaged me too and bought several copies of yesterday’s paper. My mother who’s in Cebu right now got a copy for each of my grandpas. Hahaha. Of course my sis was just sound asleep at home. Or watching Grey’s Anatomy. Hehe. And my friends at the office were so proud, Mike even posted the article in a bulletin board. Happy times.

I might be away for the next few days. I’m supposed to choose between Boracay, Puerto Galera, and Pangasinan’s Hundred Islands. Suddenly, I’m having a hard time choosing from three good things.

Yeah, subliminal suggestions fully intended. Now pardon the melodrama, I couldn’t help it after reading my responses to Ajay’s interview. And my birthday’s less than a week from now.

Anyway, in the end, we all live for the drama.

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  1. Thanks Joni. I corrected the link, they suddenly changed the permalink for some reason. I’m not sure if there were other pictures, I wasn’t able to see the actual print of the article for the blogparteeh. Next time! 🙂

    Diong thanks pre! Hindi ako sikat na blogger pre, feeling sikat lang. Hahaha. 🙂 Btw, yung secret project natin sorry naka-hold pa rin… 😉

  2. congrats by!!! waw published.. flaunt the dont-tats-me attitude haha

    bora na!

    teka, kaklase ko yung isa dun ah. kilala ko yun ah.

  3. galing markku! congrats! don’t know if you’ll be able to decipher this, but hey, i guess this is one of those “m-y-ogl/glsf-p” moments? 🙂 salud!

  4. Syempre sikat ka na din Kevs! Hehehe.

    Joey thanks bai. Sa bora dapat maangas ang dating natin. Hahaha. 🙂

    Wow Marion, tuwang-tuwa naman ako at nakarating ka sa site ko! 🙂 Promise! Thanks ha. Gets ko yung ogl/glsf pero yung mga nakadugtong eh parang hindi… explain mo naman. Hehe. 😉

  5. omg. i almost missed my deadline for this one. oh, i did?? 😛 seriously, glad you’re relishing your one week/one year of fame markku. adv happy bday and cheers!

  6. Hi!

    I’m one of the applicants in your father’s office. I just want you to know that your father is so proud of you. Nag-pa-photocopy xa ng article na sinasabi mo sa blog na to. Kwinento ka nya sa kin and super na feel ko na he’s so happy sa achievements mo.

    He gave me a copy nung article kaya eto ako ngayon, vinisit ung blog mo.

    Nice blog. =)

  7. congrats pre!

    painom ka naman.. lapit na bday mo. saturday pala ang alis ko so baka di na ako tuloy sa inyo kung may celebration..

    congrats ulit..

    test ko lang na di lagay url ko.. baka pumasok at di ma-spam eh.. heheh

  8. I heard i-indiyanin mo kami! Hmph…

    I have a copy of the MB thingy, a friend gave it to me. It’s either I give it to you or pwede po bang autograph?

    Artista! Di na ma-reach! 🙂

  9. omgar you’re famous! Gratsness 😉

    I wish I could go to Boracay! I made plans to finally go this year, but my sister bailed out on me. argh.

    Which day is your birthday? And have a great one — I’m greeting you in advance just in case I don’t find out till it’s too late, harhar.

  10. @the interviewer: Uy Ajay thanks ulit. 🙂 Yeah I’m floating in my little heaven right now. My mother even had copies of it framed, and my folks from Cebu can’t stop talking about it. Haha. And my dad’s truly proud he shares the article with anyone he knows, in the office or anywhere! Hehehe.

    @joachim: Thanks pre! Sige hanapin ko mp3 nyo, lalagay ko sa ipod ko. Banda namin officially unofficial na naman, ulit. Drummer saka bassist namin nasa Singapore na. Kasalanan ng mga intsik to eh. Hehehe.

    @marion: Ah, ganun pala yun! Sana nga ma–proud sya. Well, sana basahin muna nya. Hehehe.

    @michelle: Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry my dad forced you into visiting. Hopefully you’ll get hired for that! Hahaha. 😉

    @sherwin: Thanks pre. Oi wag ka muna umalis ng Sat, palipat mo flight mo! Finally nakaka–comment ka na ulit. 🙂

    @Aileen: OMG! I finally got a comment from Miss Google Philippines! Another milestone in my life! 🙂 I’d really love to join you guys, but this is Bora eh, minsan lang to. Sama ka na lang sa Bora, tonight!

    Autograph? Ngek. Hindi bagay sa akin. Signed prints ng photos na lang. Pag sikat na talaga ako.

    @karl: Oi pare thanks. Binabati ko ang aking web design & photography mentors na sina Karl & Mimi, without them I wouldn’t be here. Hehe. 🙂 Peyups rocks!

    @Amanda: Thanks, thanks! I think Bora’s one of the things we should experience at least once in life, especially for us Filipinos. I’m excited.

    My birthday’s on the 5th, Monday. I’ll be in Manila by then. Gifts can be sent to my office or at my house, or I can personally pick them up. Hahaha!

    @everyone: Super thanks, pati yung sa birthday greetings. 🙂

  11. congrats. di ka na ma-reach. may photo ka pa sa isang article. 🙂

    well, i got my name on a news article way, way back (and clipped the article for posterity–pero nawala ko na yata) for entirely nerdy reasons. hehehe.

  12. Congratulations! Hopefully, this will jumpstart your political career.

    I’m in the Blogparteeh article! I’m famous!!! lolololol

  13. @mimi: Sayang hindi tayo nag-abot sa bora! Next time! 🙂

    @seav: Thanks bro. We all love immortalizing our own 15 minutes of fame, normal lang yata yun. Mas grabe lang ako. Hehehe.

    @rowena: Uy weng, unsay dili ma-reach?! Hehehe. Thanks. Bason anha ko Cebu soon, will let you know if ever. 😉

    @carlo: Thanks pre! Mag-record na kayo ng songs dyan, garage band gamitin natin. Baka bumili na ko, if not this month, around May siguro! Haha.

    @benj: Thanks. Political career? Hehehe. I don’t think I’d ever dream of that. Madami tayong sikat sa blogparteeh! Hehehe.

    @dax: Uy pare salamat. Pero hindi pa rin ako celebrity, wala pa akong attitude para mang-away ng mga waiter! Hehehe.

  14. Hey, happy bday ulit pre! Great party. Congrats with your Blog-o-rama article. When Gail got featured in it about a year ago, nabasa lang namin yung article when a relative called us about it. Ganyan din si Gail nun… nagYABANG ng nagYABANG!!! hehe

  15. Hi! i hope natatandaan mo pa ko, ako yung applicant sa office ng dad mo. hindi naman nya ko finorce, nacurious lang talaga ko.

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