Will the real Kid Blogger please stand up?

In the spirit of the langaw mentality (our local version of the echo chamber) that plague us pinoy bloggers these days, here’s my take on the issue now officially labeled as “The Kid Blogger Affair”:

And you though I was actually gonna write something? I couldn’t be bothered to update this blog or hack on iPAP but then expect me to provide a “deconstruction” of the issue as if it was showbiz chismis like the Manny Pacquiao/Ara Mina love affair or the now nasty ABS–CBN/Angel Locsin/GMA–7 word war? Not that I think the pinoy blogosphere is any different compared to pinoy showbiz these days, but I just won’t.

Simply because vaes9 got that covered (with well–selected excerpts you’d think he had all day for research and prepare his entry), and making saw–saw the issue is so jologs. Parang high school. Let’s talk about something else instead, like my love–life (?), or better yet, Eugene & Karla’s matters of the heart, but not because they shared a ride home after the Microtel dinner. But you didn’t hear that from me. 😛 We just need something worthwhile to talk about. Desperately.

(Eugene and Karla are such good sports that they simply ignore the teasing they get from me. Besides, if you two are offended I promise to buy each of you extra rice come biggest blogger party, aka “selling to the devil event.” :P)

I wasn’t drunk when I wrote this. Promise. And to contradict myself, whatever the truth maybe, it’s the kid who has more to lose, though none of it was his fault. Think about that. Live and let live. I guess we can all agree to disagree, right?

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  1. Speaking of iPAP. I downloaded it and was planning to activate it on my wordpress. It’s sooo geeky i need help. LOL. Wala bang IPAP na pink?

    Oh, and about the Kid blogger, here’s my say..




    Weh. Boring. Tama, let’s talk about your lovelife nalang. Haha.

  2. @Riz: Geeky ba? The next version should be much easier to use. Sige try ko gawan ka ng theme na pink. Hehe. Better yet, gawa ka, link love din yun! 😉

    Lovelife ko o lovelife mo? Hehehe. 😛

    @Aileen: Makulay ang lovelife ko, parang sayo. 😉 Hehehe.

  3. Markku, it didn’t take me all day to compile that post. Just a few hours at most. 🙂

    It’s a good thing that I’m a good sport or otherwise I’d tell everyone that you have already <bleep>. Hehehe.

  4. Patulong pag-install ng ipap 🙂 Sorry i am a Troglodyte on such matters. Markku’s lovelife … hmmm … one word parthenogenesis 🙂

  5. @Shari: Hmm, my lovelife… Masaya sya… Hehehe.

    @Eugene: Hahaha, thanks for keeping *that* secret bro. Galing mo naman, ang bilis mo mag-compile.

    @Juned: Pwede bang mga words lang ng normal na tao ang gamitin mo? Hehehe. Joke. Sige tulungan kita minsan, medyo busy lang ngayon. 😉

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