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Tonight at Rocked Radio

Tonight, you will be hearing some of your fellow bloggers talk on the “me” phenomenon, what Pepe Diokno describes as the most self–centered generation. That’s Rocked Radio at 8PM, over at NU107. I will be joining Jayvee, Joey, Juned, Lauren, and other bloggers for another round of interesting Sunday night discussions, like we had before. […]

Ang Buhay ni Boy

Do we really need to bring back Philippine radio drama? “Ang Buhay ni Boy” is our first try at this. No, I wasn’t part of the voice cast — I was just on the sides attacking the pizza that Jayvee paid for. Of course you’ve probably heard about this from these other blogs. Enjoy! And […]

SEMCON Philippines 2007

What sets apart the most influential websites from the rest of the pack? I could give you a hundred–item list, but why go to the trouble when there’s one solution that almost always helps: search engine optimization. And what would be the best way to learn more about this voodoo–like practice? Be at SEMCON! This […]

UP Wins 2007 UAAP Cheerdance Competition

To wash away the pain of having a men’s basketball team that couldn’t steal a single win out of 14 games, destiny smiled upon the UP Pep Squad by giving it the top spot in this year’s UAAP Cheerdancing Competition. Winning with the smallest of margins, UST’s Salinggawi Dance Troupe somehow handed UP the championship […]

Photos: Switchfoot Live in Manila

We were told we couldn’t shoot inside the stadium, so I left my 400D at home. But just in case, I sneaked in an Ixus for some snapshots. Surprise, surprise — people were shooting with their digital cameras and phonecams, and some even managed to bring in their digital SLRs. Anyway, here are some of […]

Hot, hot summer

This is the first photo I took that got published in a magazine, used as a whole page background for an article I wrote for the May–June issue of Mobile Philippines, the one with Priscilla Meirelles on the cover. There are more photos I took in this issue, which also happens to contain Sasha’s first […]