Photos: Switchfoot Live in Manila

We were told we couldn’t shoot inside the stadium, so I left my 400D at home. But just in case, I sneaked in an Ixus for some snapshots. Surprise, surprise — people were shooting with their digital cameras and phonecams, and some even managed to bring in their digital SLRs. Anyway, here are some of the snapshots:

Switchfoot [1]

Switchfoot [2]

Switchfoot [3]

Switchfoot [4]

Switchfoot [5]

Switchfoot [6]

Switchfoot [7]

Switchfoot [8]

Switchfoot is a great band though I’m not familiar with most of their songs, except for their hits. When Jon Foreman came back for an encore and started singing “Only Hope,” the crowd went wild and sung along, as one. A good concert for a greater cause.

The complete set is in my photos section, as expected, and it’s mirrored on multiply.

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  1. @Eugene: Sayang pre, we had two extra tickets pa, hindi na namin nabigay ni Rico sa iba!

    @Trebs: Actually hindi ako ang kumuha nyan, si hana. 😉

  2. great concert, but even nicer shots here. was thinking of bringing the ixus as well, but i forgot it in the excitement.

  3. OMG!!! I lurve Switchfoot. Thanks for the photos!

    Great photos, I must say. I took lots from their Toronto concert, but mine were the suckiest.

    I heart them, and I heart you for posting.

    Thanks eh? You’re just as rad as Switchfeed. 😀

  4. Di ko gets 🙁 Pano ka nakakakuha ng ganyang kagandang shots.. Anong shutterspeed? How come everything looks steady kahit na madilim? haha naffrustrate na ko sa mga shutterspeed at aperture na yan ha. lol.

    Or do you use some sort of special lens?

    Or some sort of magical powers?

    Lol. Hi Markku. 🙂

  5. @jae: Thanks! You should’ve brought your cam, but that would’ve taken away some of the enjoyment of actually watching them. 🙂

    @cy velasquez: Sayang. Next time they’re here, don’t miss them. I’m glad you like the photos, I’ll see if I have some more that I can post. Daan–daan lang paminsan–minsan. 🙂

    @jaydrei: Yep, galing nila, and ang babait din. Down to earth rockers, mukhang walang kaartehan.

    @g: Wow thanks, that’s too much compliments in one comment. 😉 I’m glad you liked the photos. Taking photos at concerts is quite a hit–or–miss thing, but practice helps. 🙂 Hope to see you here again.

    @yAnzsolo: Yep, nakita ko, thanks for letting me know. Astig!

    @Riz: I was shooting with an ixus, not with my dSLR. 😉 Practice makes perfect, hehehe. Magbibigay na nga ako ng lessons through blog&soul… Hahaha! 🙂

  6. I was at the moshpit, not more than 10 meters from Jon Foreman and yet you managed to take way better photos than me. I am so envious! So much for my cellphone cam. Loved the shots! Brings me back to the concert. ^v^

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