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Google TechTalk

Last Monday’s Google TechTalk at the AIM in Makati was widely received with developers from various local companies in attendance. Though most were certainly clamoring for deeper technical discussions on the various technologies tackled, it would be best to see this as a sampler of things to come, especially now that it’s known that our local developer community has a healthy interest in most of Google’s products and technologies.

As many of us would expect, it was also a semi–blogger event with several of us in attendance. Juned, as usual, found a reason to leave from work early just to be there. AJ was there early to help out with the registration. Karla & Eugene were also there, but no, I’m not insinuating they came together:

Karla & Eugene.

Though of course they couldn’t match the cliquebooth sets from these two whom I’d rather not name:

Names withheld. Really.

I had the chance to meet more bloggers like Jehz and a few others I couldn’t remember right now. (I told you to write your URLs on your ID tags. Market, market, market! ;)) And with Jehz around, you probably wouldn’t remember the others anyway with the way this man glams it up for the camera. He was probably in 20% of all cliquebooth photos printed.

With his distinct Summer of Code shirt, no one could miss Ruben Canlas. I want one exactly like that! I also saw Mark of Shutter Box Philippines and RoR hacker Luis, whom I caught coding during the talks! 😉

I have some more photos of the event (multiply–mirrored, as usual) but it’s probably the cliquebooth photos you’d love to see. 😉

Volunteers [1]

Volunteers [2]

Volunteers [3]

Markku & Dax

Of course the obligatory Markku & Dax photo had to be there.

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  1. hahaha! 20% ba kamo??? amffffffffff 😛 hehehe.. kuya penge naman ng full resolution ng pic ko na solo at yung kami ni AJ.. cute kasi.. hehehe ge na… 🙂

    pa send naman sa or.. bigay mo nalang sa akin link kung san ko pwede download yung mga full res.. heeheehee.. yayYY!! 😀

  2. @jester: Sayang, dapat nakapunta kayo! Karla & Eugene? Issue? Hindi ah! Hehehe. 😉

    Masarap lang sila kulitin, hehehe.

    @Ederic: Nasan ka ba at hindi ka sumama? 🙂

    @Jehz: Sige email ko sayo this weekend. Wait, mga 40% ka yata eh. Hehehe.

    Wait aling full–res ba, yung sa cliquebooth? Nandun sa site yun, may icon sa baba linking to the full–size image. 🙂

  3. naku ! i’ve been exposed ! I’m not the “mysterious” person that is popularly known as a term that rhymes with “tweety”. LOL!

    Nice to have helped out… we make a good Google volunteer team don’t you think ?

    Cya all in future events!

  4. Great photos Markku (as usual)! And thanks so much for bringing in Cliquebooth and volunteering (kahit forced!). Glad you enjoyed and I’m glad the “EK” loveteam was there as well. Tagal na natin trinatrabaho yun hehehehe… nauna pa tuloy kami ni Sweetie. Hihihi.

    @jaydj – Hi Sweetie! =)

  5. @jaydj: Yep, pwede na tayong “permanent” google volunteers! Hehehe.

    @Mikko: I’m sure there will be more for everyone pretty soon. 😉

    @Eugene: Peace bro! Hehe.

    @Jehz: Nahanap mo na yung full res link? 😉

    @karl: Dapat gawa ka na ng bagong gallery2 theme na mas kita yung full res link, hehehe.


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