Hillcreek Gardens: Published!

Hillcreek Gardens article in the Manila Bulletin.

If you have a copy of today’s Manila Bulletin, find the Travel & Tourism section and you’ll see some photos I took, published on a national daily! Not officially the first, but this one’s special since I got to shoot an up and coming place that should be a regular in the long list of great Tagaytay wedding reception venues. Just a few photos shown, I believe they’re running a longer feature on this in one of their other publications soon.

A million thanks to Sarah, Kitten, Lucci, and most especially to Marbee for the wonderful opportunity! And of course to Pido who made the setup grander than it already is. I still haven’t replied to your message dude, I lost my phone just after I got your txt. Yes we got great photos. 😉

And yes, Hillcreek Gardens is a great place to have your wedding and/or reception. With its owners just recently deciding to open it for the general public, the property is pristine and very cozy with a scenery not yet too laos for use in your photo and video souvenirs. Jason’s video of Windie & Taka should give you an idea about this wonderful place.

Don’t have today’s paper? I took pictures instead. 😉 You can read it all here: page 1, page 2.

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  1. sir/madame,

    We saw this article re: hillcreek gardens and it looks very interesting. My fiancee’ and i wants to see the garden one of these days. May we ask where exactly in tagaytay is Hillcreek or any of their contact numbers. We tried sending a message to ms mary liz but it’s not a valid address as per yahoo. Our message keeps coming back to us.

    Any help extended will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. @Gino: Hillcreek is almost at the road leading to Nasugbu, just a few minutes from the main road. I’ll try to get more contact details for you.

    @Rian: Hehehe. 🙂

  3. hello po. This is my wedding reception site for next year. Nice photos! Good job! I posted this site as a reference in my blog.

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