Why is the rain blue?

Why is the rain blue?

I just set a personal record for least number of blog entries in a month — zero. I never blogged through all of June, and I almost forgot I *do* have a blog until the greatest tech blogger in the Philippines linked to this domain, using link terms befit only for the great masters. So I blogged this quick one just to acknowledge the man known as technogra with the PH.

I know I’ve been not–blogging so badly now that the GF finds it not necessary to check my blog every day. Heck, she could even use my blog as an excuse for her not to blog. Or something like that.

Oh well, I better sleep now. Gotta work in a few hours. And no, the rain wasn’t blue, the sky was.

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    • I am honored to receive your three periods (actually, an ellipsis) of a comment my master! This blog is now bless with your divine presence! 😛


    Kung may guessing game, I guess that the photo was taken inside the Greenhills Shopping Center between the main building and the Connecticut Arcade facing Annapolis St. 🙂

  2. i try to check your blog daily, pero baka dahil walang bago nakakalimutan ko na.
    And yes, i seem to emulate your non-blogging.

    the sky is blue, the rain is cold.

  3. The picture is a good shot. One look and one would say it might be the rain that is blue. But of course, that is silly. It is the sky, of course, that is blue. Nice you entered a new post after not doing so for the month of June.

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