This is my yellow ribbon.

My dad was insisting we go to La Salle Greenhills to pay our last respects for President Cory Aquino; we told him it’s going to be a three hour queue in the funny weather and all that. He was joking there was a second gate for those who marched in EDSA back in ’86—but that’s the same as the one and only line for everyone there. Cory was our freedom and hope, and everyone believed.

If the martyr’s simple housewife never heeded the call of the Filipino people, maybe we would’ve never heard of weblogs and the world wide web and all the liberties of a democracy. Every Filipino blog is a reminder of the freedom we gained in EDSA ’86.

And because I couldn’t find a nice yellow ribbon, I just made a wallpaper remix from an old campaign poster for Cory’s run for the presidency in 1986. (By the way, the story was wrong, people power is not a myth.) Go grab and share.

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  1. Sad indeed, but President Cory had lived her life well and served her purpose.
    Now, we must all do our part to take care of the freedom she helped us achieve.

  2. been singing coldplay’s yellow since yesterday, ku.

    the GF–true, indeed. they say, only now, in the light of recent events, will we realise how precious Cory’s gracious exit was (when she transitioned power to Ramos). she has always led by example.

    i will use the pic tonight for my IM avatar 🙂


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