Five on Friday: Biking in Marikina


So I’ve been riding a bike for the past few months now. As I’ve been in desperate need of any form of exercise, I bought a folding bike last March and have used it every few days or so. I’ve been lucky we live in Marikina, I couldn’t make up of too many excuses not to go out for a ride—I’m in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the Philippines!

A man and his dog.

Somehow I’ve caught the bug. Not the sickening kind, but the one that makes me not just want to ride a bike but to want the exact bike that fits my needs. It doesn’t help too that I’ve got a few friends who have been into this hobby for some time.

By the river.

I’ve always been interested in bikes when I was still in grade school. I was even crazy enough to try jumping them on wooden ramps! But I’ve somehow outgrown it and never had the opportunity to enjoy biking again, until now.

People sitting by the river.

Just recently, I bought a surplus Mini Velo, having read good things about it and upon the recommendation of one of my cousins who’s been hooked into bikes for a long time. Now I’m loving this bike-riding thing even more, armed with a bike that suits me better.

My Mini Velo.

These photos are from my first ride with my not-so-new bike. I hope to post photos and blog more about this; who knows, maybe this biking thing will help revive this blog. We’ll see!

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