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Web Design in 2010

If you’re still reading this blog you must be a real fan. Or just plain bored. So I’ll indulge you with some entertainment. You would’ve noticed by now how looks very different to how it has always been for some years now. I always liked it grey. Now though, it’s in boring white that […]

Throwing my weight around…

Or something like that. Just sharing a link to one of my other blogs, pointing to the results for the PRC Nursing Board Exam of November 2008, because I’ve got two cousins proudly making the list: 34141 SEGUERRA, JON FRANCIS ORMILLADA 34142 SEGUERRA, JOSE MARI SEJISMUNDO Congratulations boys! With my brother Hannu graduating yesterday, I […]

5 minutes with WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

The first time I heard from Matt about WordPress 2.7’s new interface in WordCamp Philippines, I was excited to see some new UI elements and concepts taking a more prominent role in the whole application. After all, blogs and web applications were supposed to be way ahead in adopting new approaches in designs and interfaces. […]

rev3 is dead.

The old theme I’ve been using for four years or so is now out of service. I’ve fondly called it “rev3” as I consider it my third major design revision, though within it there were several micro–versions. I think I’ll be playing with this new thing I call “R8,” all in its single–column goodness. If […]

SEMCON Philippines 2007

What sets apart the most influential websites from the rest of the pack? I could give you a hundred–item list, but why go to the trouble when there’s one solution that almost always helps: search engine optimization. And what would be the best way to learn more about this voodoo–like practice? Be at SEMCON! This […]

So I’m awake…

But the truth is, I haven’t slept yet. Since I couldn’t sleep, I busied myself reading about these things: Despite knowing that none of these cameras will make me a better photographer unless I actually go out and shoot with them, there is a pleasure in reading technical specs and feature lists, hoping that maybe […]


Yeah, this blog’s goin’ naked at least for today. Just plain markup without style! Why? The 5th of April is CSS Naked Day — promoting web standards for everyone. Now strip!

PBB2: Contingency Plans

You’ve got your housemates ready. You have a wonderful program planned. You market the launching well ahead, and very well at that. The female hosts are now all slim and sexy for the launch night. (Bianca’s abs were awesome!) You have the “6-housemates-only” gimmick to get people to ask questions. You even have a hottie […]