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About a week ago, there was a very active discussion on Dave Shea’s mezzoblue redesign, not only because of the new interface, but more importantly, his new feature: Reply Highlighting.

Looks good on paper, but his first implementation was rather “faulty.” His highlighting feature was based on the premise that well–known designers and developers were more likely to say something relevant. Which is true, to a certain degree. However, it also alienates his other visitors who might not have a famous reputation or following to backup his opinions. Really, it boils down to what you say, not who you are.

That was a good intro, right? 🙂 Actually, I just used that so I can pimp my new WordPress plugin, rp-comment-hilite. Simply said, it allows you to highlight the significant and noteworthy comments posted on your WP blog. For my layout, I have the plugin configured to add a class="noteworthy" to what I find fit. Usage can be summarized this way:

<?php if (rp_is_comment_hilite()) { ?>
<?php } ?>

In a lot of ways, it is similar to the conditional tags you see on WP and the blogware that was, better known as MT.

To indicate which comments should be highlighted, just add a custom field called comment-hilite, with comma–separated–values containing the ID of the said comments.

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  2. I had a look at the code, and it looks great. However, I don’t think I won’t ever highlight comments on my blog, just because of what you said. It boils down to what you say, not who you are.

    Congratulations anyway for putting up this great script (I felt like Dave’s code was rather crappy). I bet there are a lot of people looking for a script like this.

    P.S.: Is there a worthy comment somewhere out here? 😉

  3. I am sorry, but this is not clear to me. How exactly the highlighting works? You need to go back and edit the comment to make it highlight? Using a custom field is mainly used when creating an entry, right? So, once you see a comment worth of highlighting, you go back and add values to that custom field?

  4. You never touch the comment. You only edit the custom field 'comment-hilite' and add another value, a comment ID.

    Yes custom fields were primarily created for adding little things to the entry, but we’re pushing it to the limits! 🙂

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