iPAP 0.7

The first public release of iPAP: Photo Album Publisher (formerly known as SPAM: Simple Photo Album Manager) is now ready for download. The zip contains a somewhat detailed documentation, and everything you need to know (for now) is there. The project page will be ready after several hours of sleep. 🙂 Consider this version a “preview,” a prelude to greater things coming soon.

Do post comments, reactions, suggestions, and more importantly—links to your iPAP-powered photos section!

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  10. I took a quick look at some of the files and the changes I saw look good. Now I should be able to include the PHP I want in the templates so that my photos section looks like the rest of my site. I also like that the CSS has been moved out. I’ll be able to incorporate my style switcher also. I’ll upgrade to this version in the next few days and let you know how it goes.

  11. fyi, I am getting ‘redirection limit exceeed’ warning when I try to look at your photos section. Perhaps this is due to some incorrect .htacess friendly url redirection?

  12. As matthew said, I now get an error on your photos section… Oops?

    But the new iPAP is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    superduperextramegaultracoolawesome. Here‘s my photo gallery — for the moment still powered by the first iPAP preview release.


    MaThIbUs: I edited your super long word, it’s breaking the layout in WinIE! 🙂

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  14. Matthew, MaThIbUs: Sorry for the errors earlier, I just did something stupid with the rewrite rules. 🙂 I think the default rules included in the readme also needs some work to make it fool-proof.

  15. I just installed the new version over what you gave me before and it was a snap. Great piece of work Markku! Unfortunately though I think I’ve found something that fits my needs more at this point, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your project. Thanks for letting me test it out!

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  17. i have been eagerly awaiting this release. i think this is an excellent app 🙂

    just a quick suggestion, if i may…

    i noticed that even if you create more albums, all the pics are uploaded in 1 folder only.

    is there a way you can make a change that it creates that album’s respective folder everytime you create an album?

    looking forward for it


  18. MtDewVirus, no problem at all. I saw Pictorialis II and it looks good, I’m not sure if that’s the direction I want to take though.

    devesh, that can be done but would require a lot of work, and something I personally do not want to implement. I don’t think having multiple folders of albums with loose security (after CHMOD) can be safe. I actually did things that way before, but permissions can be very limiting, especially if your host does not allow you to perform CHMOD operations from within PHP.

    To summarize, it would require a lot of work for very little benefits. 🙂

  19. I love this! I am soo new to web blogs. I just set up my own for the first time and feel very new to the whole thing. I would love to put something like this on my site, but I have no clue how to do it. I love photography and would like a better organized way to display my pics. Like I said, I am a totally newbie to all this puter stuff. If anyone can help me out, I would greately appreciate it!

  20. Some thoughts/questions:

    • Are there any future plans of making iPAP work with a mySQL database?
    • I’d love to see the functions in ipap-functions.php having the ipap_ prefix (rather than the wp prefix, which some functions in there do)… Why? Because I’m including my site header and footer in every page of my iPAP gallery. That header already includes all WP files, so this whole thing would result in a “Cannot redeclare function” error.
  21. MaThIbUs, I’m still thinking about mySQL integration. Not really sure yet.

    I’ll fix the function names for the next release, whenever it’s ready. Can’t promise when that’ll be though.

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  23. [rant] Aargh! My iPAP just crashed twice (problems with the db files): We Want MySQL! [/rant]

    Oh and I’ve got another question. In the readme file, it says:

    However, if you have other rewrite rules in your root’s .htaccess file, you might need to add modified rules to that file instead:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteBase /

    RewriteRule ^photos_url/(.*)/(.*)/$ photos_path/index.php?a=$1&i=$2 [QSA]
    RewriteRule ^photos_url/(.*)/$ photos_path/index.php?a=$1 [QSA]

    Where photos_url is the “nice path” you intend to use, and photos_path is the real path to to your iPAP install.

    I think this is not 100% correct — please let me know if I’m wrong. To make this kind of thing work, there should be an extra $real_path variable (in ipap-config.php, containing the real path of the iPAP install. (Thanks to the file name prefixes, you can easily install iPAP in your site’s root folder; in that case, $real_path would contain "/".) It’s a bit like the WordPress Address (URI) being different from the Blog Address (URI) (check the options panel in your WP admin section): If you want your blog homepage to be different than the directory you installed WordPress in, enter that address here. You get my point?

  24. Mathibus, I get the idea about the address variables. 🙂 Maybe on the next release, I think I have to get back to coding it soon.

    Regarding your crash, what happened exactly? The db files were corrupted? They were unreadable? I’ve encountered this a long time ago, maybe we should really go MySQL. Decisions, decisions…

  25. I really like the way you set up your photo gallery, but there’s only one thing keeping me from using this script instead of “Gallery”: user ability to leave comments. If this is there and I’ve made an oversight, then woops, sorry, but if not, it’d be a great addition to an already great script. I’ll also throw in a ‘me too’ for the MySQL support. Definitely worth it.

  26. Markku: Yeah, the files got corrupted somehow (?), resulting in about 79 error messages on every page of my photo album, and… no photos. 🙂 MySQL implementation has got my vote.

    And you see, if there already was MySQL implementation, there would probably already be a comments feature, and a view counter, and a random photo thingy — since even I can code these things.

  27. Markku!!!!

    Thank You!!!!

    you are a genius! i am so deeply loving this… i knew if i just kept my mouth shut and waited that you would come through. you make my blog worth blogging on!

    thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  28. Hello – I was wondering if iPAP has a slideshow function? I would like to implement a slideshow photo gallery on my website.


  29. Markku,

    many many thanx for this great peace of software – I really like it.

    I’m still working on the layout, but everybody is invited to have a look already at my photo site.

    But I must agree with MaThIbUs: MySQL would be great! My second wish would be be the possibility of sub-albums. But even if iPAP stays like it is: it’s the photo-publishing-software of my choice. Many thanx again!!!

  30. Danmeister, thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to consider your suggestions, maybe iPAP can use them. 🙂

  31. Markku: I’ve had this installed for a couple of weeks now (here) and I must say that I love the flexibility of the application. The code is quite clean and simple.

    As for suggestions, I’d say that I agree on the mySQL storage for album and photo information to make the output and options that much more flexible. Also, about the one needed function that I don’t see is the option to upload a full image, have it sized down to a definied dimension (for page output) and the ability to link to the full image in another window. So, you would really have three copies per image: the full-size, the display size and the thumbnail. Seems fairly easy to do, to create another file after upload using a defined width setting.

    Anywho, that’s just my two cents. Glad to see this project has come along. Good work!

  32. Markku,

    what’s the staus of iPAP?

    i tell you it’s the best gallery i have used. i just love it. everyone does. the single drawbacks have proven to be needing to resize the images before upload (not everyone has an application to do that) but i’ve solved this by inviting my less equipped friends to join something like Flickr! where it can be done (and stored) on the web for free.

    the other being having to scroll down to view the next image… i’ve done a little work on that for myself, in my own layout, but not enough to solve the problem of people not being willing to repeatedly scroll down. poor babies.

    But it’s these compelling categories, and the potential of captions which has be checking your projects page daily…

    any thoughts about your picking this up?

    or, would it be possible to find out what you changed from 07 to what you are currently doing now here at rebelpixel?

    either way, i remain, devoted.


  33. Fernando, I’m really glad you’re very much into iPAP. I do try to work on iPAP once in a while, because my schedule is really tight right now. Currently, I’m in the process of moving the code to use MySQL, using ezSQL — so using other databases should be no pain in the butt. The current file storage class has shown its weaknesses, especially in opening a photo album with several photos (around 40 or more). So finally we’ll go with a real database solution.

    The current code now has a resize option upon uploading, that’s the good news. 🙂 It was contributed by another user but I can’t remember his name right now.

    Regarding viewing next images and scrolling down, that is just a layout problem that we could easily solve. Maybe you’d like to have a go at it. 😉

    Labels (categories?) will definitely be there, and I’m still thinking of other features to include. For now, the priority is the move to MySQL.

  34. Thank you for the update!

    I will take a crack at the layout of the gallery. i love your design, so it was hard enough to do anything to the css at all. But i shall, and i’ll return and point out my work to you.

    : )

    thanks again.

  35. I like iPAP how it is: simple, easy and light. A few (!) more options and functions would be nice, but no must. An RSS for the album would be helpfull.. 🙂
    Check my gallery.

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  37. So, for clarification, the cause of the URL redirection limit errors has something to do with .htaccess? Exactly what in .htaccess is the problem?

  38. I’m not quite sure what to do with that. I add the variable $real_path to ipap-config (which would be ‘/photography/’ for me)? Do I have to modify the .htaccess?

  39. Kevin you only need to edit your .htaccess file, no need to add a new variable. The necessary variables are already in ipap-config.php by default.

  40. great gallery, it’s just what i’ve been looking for. aside from the current lack of mysql support, the only compliant i have is that it isn’t integrated into a CMS/blog package like textpattern or expression engine. can’t wait to see further iterations of ipap. thanks.

  41. I am giving it a try as a way of storing the photos on my blog. The actual albums are at this url. I want to try and find a way of putting random thumbnails on my sidebar.

  42. just wondering if this can be integrated with wordpress…thanks for any info!

  43. I was also wondering if it could be integrated with WordPress. Instead of waiting for an answer, though, I’m gonna go ahead and do it. (Better than rolling my own.) I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

  44. http://rebelpixel.com/archives/2005/06/19/ipap-09-beta/

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