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I just added a new feature to my photo album publishing app, iPAP: Labels. Sort of like the way gmail uses labels, but was really inspired by Photoshop Album’s “tagging” technology. Nothing fancy really, just a simple way of categorizing your photo albums.

Categorization—probably one of humanity’s most difficult tasks to complete. Try doing that to your music/MP3 collection. See? But for photos, instead of putting each album into a separate box like “birthdays,” just stick those little post-it notes. Now you can label it “birthday,” “daddy,” and “2004.” Now you have no reason why you can’t find anything. smile

This feature is still not in the downloadable package from the project’s page, the interface still needs some re-thinking to use it easily. And I still have to fix other things like deleting albums + photos + uploads, in a more fool–proof way. But once I get to those things, expect a release in a few weeks, maybe in a few days. For now, try viewing albums in this label.

By the way, today marks the inauguration of the Philippines’ president. Another six years, I just hope she gives me a job. smile

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  1. Is it already possible to enter a description per photo? I have not downloaded iPAP until labels code is released :-)

  2. drooool…

    yes, M- great work again.
    and, um… when will the rest of us get to try it out on our iPAP galleries?

    grovel, grovel…


  3. Mike, I just started updating the iPAP code to use MySQL instead of the flat–file database, hoping to finish it in a week or two, if my schedule permits.

    Already in the code or definitely upcoming:

    • Labels (As used in the photos section.)
    • Batch uploads (ZIP, GZIP, etc.)
    • Much simpler removal/deleting of photos/albums/uploads
  4. Batch uploads (ZIP, GZIP, etc.)

    That would be cool. But I think it’s easier to approach batch uploading from a different perspective. For example, you could let the user upload his bunch of photos through FTP, and then he could just go to ipap-admin/index.php?op=batch-upload or something. That script then checks the uploads folder for new photos (photos that aren’t yet stored in the database), and returns a checklist of all files with those new photos checked. Then, the user clicks the “Batch Upload” button, and the script does the rest. I think something like this would be much easier to implement, and even easier to use than batch uploads through ZIPped files.

  5. http://rebelpixel.com/archives/2005/06/19/ipap-09-beta/

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