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  1. waw by. i fell in love with the pics.. the best of the series i think.. taena galeng parin ng good ol’ cameras. makahanap nga ng nikon. anong film nga pala gamit mo?

    galera kami ni she this weekend. bday party ni king. wana come? photo shoot ulit kaya lang wala akong cam.

  2. Joey, yeah good ol’ cams are just great, kaso mahal kasi ng film tapos printing. At least sa digital mas mabilis ang learning process, kaya bili na tayo ng DSLR. Hehehe.

    The film used was Kodak Gold 200, I think. Just your ordinary print film, not those expensive slides. I think the 50mm F/1.4 lens makes the shot really special, I just love this lens. When I get a 300D the next lens I’ll get would surely be a 50mm F/1.8! Now if only I actually do my work… Hahaha 😉


    i wish i hadnt seen these pictures! grabe! the next time i travel im taking you and ur dada’s camera with me, markku!

    ps pwede ka ba magcover ng weddings?

  4. LEN, wow that’s an entirely flattering way of complimenting our photographs! 🙂 I’m confused, are you Len from our high school batch, or someone else? 😉

    I haven’t really covered a wedding professionally, though I’ve tried once and the results were quite passable. Are you getting married? Just email me if you need a photographer! 🙂

  5. wow, markku..iba k n talaga..mukhang seryoso n yan pagiging photographer mo..nwei pare susunod kme ni joey syo.

  6. ahh..ganda..makes me want to use my old manual camera again. di pa kaya yung ganyan sa point and shoot digicam 🙂

  7. Ado, pare-pareho lang tayo ng hilig pre. Ikaw, you have the eye!

    Grace, maganda talaga pics ni Arvi, alam mo naman yan, Juliana Palermo yan eh. Hehehe.

    Gaget, thanks for dropping by. Inom tayo minsan, txt mo si Joey. 🙂 Nagpupunta pa ba kayo sa metro on Wednesdays?

    Pon, old school shooting tayo! You can actually use point-and-shoot, a point-and-shoot DSLR that is! Hahaha. 🙂 Bili ka na, tapos pahiram. Hehehe.

  8. my friend/student is getting married soon and is looking for a photographer na hindi “professional” pero kasing galing ng professional, like you *wink* so nagccover ka ba?

    and also, im planning to get married na rin sa church. ikaw ang gagawin kong photographer if ever 🙂 galing mo pre!

    ps sorry d ako nagsulat ng all caps message. yung student ko in english ang nagsulat kaya parang weird ang wordings.

  9. super pps

    email me and tell me how you took those pics. planning on going to phi phi island this coming january. if i have to buy an old camera, fine! hehe 🙂

    i might arrange to meet with sherwin there too (ksama ang kanyang thai chick if ever)


  10. Len, please email me privately at markku@gmail.com. Ikaw nga ba yung Len from Pisay ’96? 🙂

    How I took those pics?

    I pretty much just click on the shutter and see what happens. 😉 If you’re referring to the blurred backgrounds on the portraits, it’s the lens. We can use your film SLR for that, I think you should try buying a 50mm F/1.8 lens for your Nikon, that should be very affordable in Japan. Around 5k yun dito. Try mo lang! 😉

  11. Len sa Thailand yung wedding? Sige pwede ako shoot if you’re looking for a photographer, kami na lang ni Joey. Dagdag pa si Ado kung kelangan pa ng isa. 🙂

    Professional fee? Hahaha. Pamasahe na lang… Hehehe. Uy kumusta na pala DSLR prices dyan? Pag may good deals let us know ha! 😉

  12. hehe hindi po sa thailand ang wedding. i want a really traditional filipino wedding so d nyo na kelangan ng pamasahe. anyway, punta na rin tayo sa thailand. the more the merrier! tsaka mura lang pamasahe nyo from there! tara!!!

    and yes i was referring to the blurred background. tsaka how did the sky get so blue in ilocos?? filters? and the water was so clear. polarizer?

    sobrang bano ako sa photography. wala rin kseng time to study. so puro questions na lang from the experts 🙂

    abt the dslr prices, sabihin mo gusto mo. sobrang d ako magpapatanong. kung gusto mo bigay ko pa yung website ng hinahanapan ko ng prices ng electronics. kaya lang syempre i have to go there or order online. which i will gladly do for all of you if ur interested. im just an email away 🙂

  13. hay pps nanaman

    teka pano naprocess yung pics? san nascan? nagpascan kse ako minsan sa fuji megamall, d ako nagandahan sa results kse grainy. tsaka pale yung colors. i had them scanned again here pero ok naman.

    sorry puro tanong nanaman! ang galing kse ni sensei e (pati na rin sina joey at ado…they have the eye

  14. Wedding dito sa Manila? Game pa rin! 🙂 Bahala na yung Thailand, pag may pera siguro.

    The blurred background is greatly lens-dependent. The blue skies in the film shots just came out that way after printing, i just scanned the prints straight away, basically. If you’re referring to the digital shots, most were shot underexposed and and then pulled in photoshop. And maybe some gradient adjustments, but no optical filters at all, just Ado’s reliable Sony DSC-V1. No polarizer on the clear water shots, Pagudpud’s seawater is just so damn clear!

    Film processing was done in your typical 1-hour photo lab, and I scanned the 4×6 prints with my very old Canon flatbed. Len, no problem about the questions, I enjoy the healthy discussion. 🙂 And please don’t call me sensei, masyado feeling ang dating. Master Sensei na lang… Hehehe, joke lang!

    About DSLR prices, magkano na dyan ngayon yung kits ng Canon 300D saka ng Nikon D70? Wag mo na sadyain, kung mapadaan ka lang naman. 🙂

  15. Grabe love the vivid colors. It really capture the Filipino skin.

    HMMM Di ako pwede diyan. hrm hrm. iba kulay ng skin ko. Green eh

  16. Hi Markku. All the pictures are great but the Ilocos set of pictures is the most interesting. These are people I know and you elevated them to an even more glamorous(ching!) level.

    So, saan this year? 🙂

  17. BJM, ikaw ba BJM of Strontium and Pisay ’96? Sorry ha, baka kasi iba eh, hehehe. 😉

    Thanks for dropping by, I’m glad you like the photos. When we find the time, photoshoot tayo! This year’s target would likely be El Nido, or somewhere in Palawan. That is — kung maka–ipon ng sapat na pera for that. 😉 Sama ka ha!

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